Posted on 15th March 2019

Horse Account and Ballot update


An update on the new website was carried out overnight with further enhancements to the information visible on horse’s accounts.


If a horse has a current Season Pass, the Ballot information will now display under the horse’s details when users are logged in to My Account on the BE website, the change means that members will be able to view which Ballots are available and which have already been used. This is also the same for horses competing on Day Passes, details of their Day Passes will be displayed on the horse’s account, along with information on which are available and which have been used*.

To view your horse’s Ballots or Day Passes, sign in on the website, go to My Account then My Horses, and under the horse select HORSE DETAILS.

We are no longer using ballot number; instead each horse has a Ballot per month plus two super Ballots for the full season. If you are entering via the BE website you will just need to select from the drop down menu within the entry process that shows the available ballots for the horse being entered.

The way Ballots are used if you are entering on BDWP remains unchanged; you will need to select Ballot or Super Ballot under the Special Options field, and then in the Notes Box type the month relating to the ballot sticker (i.e. March Ballot or April Ballot) or Super Ballot if you would like to use your super ballot.

*Please note that the time it takes for these details to be updated on the horse’s information after an entry being made via the BDWP entry system is dependent on the Ballot file being received by the entry secretary.


Please note that if you are purchasing a season ticket for your horse it may take 2-3 minutes to display on the horse’s account. After making a season ticket purchase please give the system a few minutes to update, and refresh your page to confirm the season ticket has been applied to your horse’s account, if it is still not showing please phone the office on 02476 698856 to check if the process has been successful.


Other website updates


Development has started on a fix for the issue with payment on mobile and Apple device, with the aim to deliver this long-term resolution as soon as possible. In the meantime if you are experiencing any issues paying on mobile or Apple devices, please find a short-term solution HERE.


If you are experiencing problems with logging in, please send your details to (please include your name, email address used on your account and membership number), or call the office on 02476 698856.


We are aware that some members are experiencing difficulties when trying to book on to training courses.  If you are having issues processing payment, please see the advice above - ‘Payment on Apple devices’ or if you need further assistance please contact the office on 02476 698856.

If you are aware of a training course that you would like to book on to but cannot find the course details online, please email and the team can send you the exact course details.


Although the new website works across a range of platforms, if you are using a PC/Android or Laptop the best browser to use is Chrome or Firefox, followed by Edge on Windows 10. Due to Internet Explorer no longer being supported by Microsoft, we recommend using another browser if you are accessing the site on PC/Android or Laptop.

The whole of the BE team, including those in head office and the regional staff, are doing all they can to support members and events through the challenges that we are facing, and working through any issues and questions submitted as quickly as possible.


Our previous updates may contains a list of helpful advice and answers to common questions (go to News and filter 'Website Updates' along with our FAQ document.

A guide to some key processes on the website can be found in our How To videos.

For any further website support please email or call us on 02476 698856