Posted on 7th May 2021

Communication on Rules Applied by Eventing Scores

With the 2021 season now well underway, we want to highlight some the changes in how Eventing Scores will work as the IT system for running events.

During 2020, Eventing Scores handled sectioning, times, scoring and results.  Over the winter, Eventing Scores, in partnership with the BE team, has added balloting and waitlist management. Training in this new functionality has gone very well, and it is now up and operating as the sport resumes.

This has been a significant piece of work and means that it should now be possible to complete the balloting process for an event in around an hour. This is a big improvement on where we were this time last year and should make a real difference to the life of our hardworking event management teams.

This is a good opportunity to draw your attention to the fact that the applicable rules from the current BE Rule Book have been built into the Eventing Scores systems so that they can be consistently applied and properly enforced. 

As you will be aware, Rule sets out the order of balloting priorities for all classes below Intermediate. The Sport Committee recently approved a change to bring the rule into alignment with existing practice by making it clear that the discretion available to event organisers is an essential element of the balloting process and needs to be identified as such.  These changes to the rule were published along with other recent rule changes on the BE website.  The current rule sets out the priorities as follows:

(a) Entries from Members which the Organiser specially wishes to accept

(b) Entries from Area Festivals, and U18 classes,

(c) Entries from Full Members using Super Ballot Numbers and

(d) Entries from Full Members using Ballot Numbers up to 2 entries per competitor. 

This means that “Entries from Members which the Organiser specially wishes to accept”  will take precedence over entries from Full Members using Super Ballot Numbers.

Please note that the new functionality in Eventing Scores does not allow anyone to override Rule and the balloting priorities it defines. We have taken the view that the rules, as defined in the Rule Book, should be fully and accurately reflected in our systems.

At the same time, we all want to ensure that the organiser’s discretion is exercised in a fair and proportionate way.  The Sport Committee will continue to monitor how the application of the new priority rule works in practice, for purposes of considering future changes where indicated.

If you have any concerns about how the rule for balloting priorities works in practice, knowing that the Eventing Scores system will now enforce and cannot override the rule, we encourage you to engage with Debbie Pritchard and the Sport Committee to discuss whether further changes to the rule should be considered.