Posted on 9th July 2020

CEO update 09/07/20

From tomorrow, Tweseldown, shortly followed by Aske and Barbury, will open their doors to welcome competitors as the season officially restarts. We have all missed eventing tremendously and cannot wait to get the sport going again. 


A huge thanks must go out to all our event organisers and the team at BE for their hard work in getting these competition opportunities ready for our members under the ‘new normal’. There is no doubt that eventing will be a little bit different when sport resumes, but it is essential that we all follow the guidelines to ensure that we return as safely as possible.

Over the past few weeks there have been some key updates that we have shared with you. Below is a summary of some of the important topics as a reminder:

On event guidelines

It is important that everyone attending an event abides by the rules and guidance.  We have been privileged to be given the green light to re-start ahead of further guidance being released covering wider sport, and we all need to play our parts to ensure we do not jeopardise this. You need to Arrive, Compete, Leave – please spend the minimum amount of time on site as you can. You also need to Play Your Part and Stay Apart – social distancing is really important, and underpins our resumption plans.

Start fees

Please remember that you now need to pay your start fee when making your entry online.  

If you do not start the event your start fee will automatically be refunded to you.


Following a bumper number of entries in the first two weekends of the restarted season, and the associated high level of balloting, we continue to work with our organisers to provide you with further competition opportunities. We have added extra days at both Tweseldown and Aston-Le-Walls to minimise the number of members whose entries are balloted. Barbury has also had BE100 and BE100Open classes added to provide further competition opportunities.

The second half of the calendar which will include fixtures for September and October will be released shortly, and we continue to monitor the situation to add additional days of competition where there is a need to do so.


A full I.T. update will be issued shortly, but we have worked with EventingScores during the lockdown period to integrate some functionality in the entries management process, and we continue to resolve issues raised by members as they use the system. The first few events have advised that live scoring will take place and live scoring will show on EventingScores. The results will be available on the BE website once the scorer has finalised the scores.

VAT receipts

We have had some queries regarding VAT receipts. The receipt shows two boxes – one for the booking fee and associated VAT, which is a payment to BE, and one which contains the entry fee information and associated VAT, which is a payment to the organiser. Both of these boxes are sub-totaled, and there is an overall total at the bottom.

Refunds for balloted or withdrawn entries – start fee refunded separately

Please note that refunds for entries and start fees are currently being refunded separately. We are processing the entry fees first, so you may see two separate transactions. Refunds will be generated automatically and paid directly back to you. Please bear with us as the levels of refunds are high and we are still working with a reduced office staff.

Memberships & horse registrations

We have been pleased to see significant activity since the announcement that sport would be recommencing, with high levels of purchases of both memberships and horse registrations. 

We have also been delighted that our membership discounts for 2021 to thank those of you who have stayed with us have been so well received.

Whilst we appreciate that personal circumstances for some members will mean that they cannot take full benefit of their 2020 membership benefits, as previously advised subscriptions will not be refunded or transferred to future years.

Office opening hours

From next week, the BE office will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9.30am and 3pm and phone lines will be open between these hours. The Head Office phone number is 02476 698856. Due to social distance constraints, not all staff will be in the office at one time and so phones may not be answered straight away. We thank you for your continued patience. We will continue to extend these hours as we are allowed more access to the building.

There are delays in responding to email contact due to working remotely and with a reduced workforce. We are working through your questions as quickly as we can and thank you for bearing with us whilst we do so.

If you would like to contact British Eventing please email us HERE.

Wishing you a successful return to eventing!