Posted on 28th May 2021

British Eventing Abandonment Insurance Review Panel: update

In response to member feedback, a Panel was formed in February to review the suitability of the insurance arranged by British Eventing that covers entry fees in the event of abandonment. The Panel is chaired by an independent insurance expert and includes representatives from each of the three relevant stakeholder associations (British Eventing Organisers’ Association, Event Horse Owners’ Association, Event Riders’ Association), along with the current broker [for the purpose of helping the Panel to make informed judgements] and the British Eventing Chief Operating Officer.


Since their appointment by the Board in February, the Panel has met (virtually) four times and has made good progress scrutinising data and has explored a variety of alternatives to the current arrangement, including (but not limited to) no insurance cover at all, the flexibility for competitors [or organisers] to opt in/opt out of cover, and a selection of alternative ways that events could be insured. The Panel is thoroughly considering all options as outlined in the Terms of Reference. Specifically, the Panel intends to recommend a solution that offers value for money to the membership.

The Panel will present their report and recommendations to the Board in August and the Board will then consider the Panel’s findings and will decide which is the best outcome for implementation in 2022. The report will be published.

We are grateful to the Panel members for giving their time and expertise to the review.