Posted on 6th March 2021

BE Technology Update – What has changed

Since the end of last season, we have made some changes to how members submit entries and how events are managed through BE’s website and IT systems.  

We haven’t been able to fix everything yet, and we are very much aware that there have been some problems with entries for the new Try and Train events.  We adapted an existing series to accommodate these new event types but didn’t get it quite right when they were first opened.  We also recognize that there have been some issues with entering the new Elite events although in at least some cases these arose where horse registrations and owner membership renewals haven’t been renewed before trying to purchase season tickets.  We are truly sorry that members have faced frustrations. We are focused on correcting things and are putting out some specific newsflashes and updates for these events.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing difficulties.  These events have been designed to provide opportunities to members despite the COVID challenges and we really want to make them work for you.

The biggest change since last season is the transfer of balloting and waitlist management from the EARS system to Miranda Collett’s Eventing Scores system.  This means Eventing Scores is now handling all of the following event management functions:  scoring and results, sectioning, times and timetabling, balloting and waitlist management.  Our IT team has worked hard with Miranda to make the necessary technical changes for the interface with Eventing Scores, and we believe that moving these functions to Eventing Scores will make a big difference to entries secretaries and scorers.

A new Youth Registration process has been launched allowing riders aged 12-21, from those just starting out on their BE journey, to those aiming to represent Great Britain on the Youth European Championship squads, to register for the 2021 season.

We know that there are still a number of issues to address, but we are working very hard to address the most critical ones and to provide back-up plans and help for the remaining problems. 

BE’s IT Team has been working closely with the new IT Steering Committee, chaired by Di Brunsden, to address the key issues identified by the IT Task Force during its work last autumn.  The Steering Committee has been posting regular updates on the website to keep members informed of what it’s doing.  Meanwhile the IT Task Force is continuing to work with stakeholders on creating a roadmap for our IT system in the future, and it is also keeping everyone posted.  Both the Steering Committee and the Task Force are comprised primarily of BE members representing key stakeholders and end-users, volunteering their time in collaboration with BE staff.

We have established an IT User Group, comprising representatives from our IT team and all end user groups, which is chaired by Jenny Levett and reports into the IT Steering Committee.  This group will gather and review information about any new issues or system enhancement requests raised by members and stakeholders, and will decide the order of priority for addressing them.  All members are welcome to contact those on the IT User Group. If you have an immediate issue that needs resolving right away, we are always here to help you, and please contact the appropriate team on the email addresses listed on the Contact Us page of the website.

With the start of the season rapidly approaching and entries beginning to open, we have started training sessions for organisers, entries secretaries and scorers.  These sessions cover the functionality in the system used by each group, with Miranda Collett leading on the event management aspects now carried out within Eventing Scores. The training sessions will continue during March and will be repeated for events later in the season as we get closer to their event dates.

We have provided more detail below on the main system changes we have made over the off season We have also identified some of the problems we still need to fix, with information on back-up plans and some pointers to help you.  We will be publishing a separate help sheet on “glitches” in the system being experienced by some users, with guidance on managing these.

There is clearly more to do to make our technology deliver everything needed by our members and stakeholders, but we are working closely with our new IT Steering Committee and IT User Group to listen and respond to problems, and to keep you informed on what we are doing. 


Start Fees

Start Fees will now be added automatically to an entry in much the same way that abandonment insurance is added.  The Start Fee is displayed in the Class Table for each event and will be added to the Entry Fee when your entry is added to the Basket.  You will no longer need to tick the box to opt-in to paying your Start Fee online, as you did last season.

VAT shown throughout entry process

We have fixed the issue where entries were appearing with and without VAT at the various stages of the entry process.   The entry fee now shown in the right-hand summary column is exclusive of VAT. VAT is now added with other entry costs of abandonment insurance, start fee, booking fee and anti- doping fee, where applicable, at checkout.

Horse names containing an apostrophe

We have fixed the bug which prevented members from being able to select a horse which contained an apostrophe in its name when making an entry.

Life, Honorary and Founder Members

The bug preventing Life, Honorary and Founder members from submitting an entry has been fixed.

Membership cards

As part of our commitment to reduce printing and use of plastic, BE members are now able to access their membership QR code online under ‘My BE’. The online QR codes replace the previous plastic membership cards and can be used to gain complimentary access to events up to and including 2*.

Search and managing accounts as an Agent

The search function has been updated to help you find information more easily on the website.  For agents managing multiple accounts on behalf of other members, accounts can now be viewed in alphabetical order by surname. 

Member correspondence

We have updated our processes to send correspondence about Direct Debits automatically by email rather than by printed letter.   We continue to work on more ways to reduce our environmental impact by using electronic communication wherever feasible.


What we haven’t yet fixed

Website Data Delays

The website may not always show the most recent updates to events schedules and entries data if you have not logged into your account in order to view this information.  We know that members want to see accurate data quickly on the website, so we are continuing to work on  this.

In the meantime, we recommend that members log into their accounts to view the most up-to-date information.

Entries Tab

Improvements to the Entries tab on each event page have not yet been completed. We appreciate that members would like to see the number of entries per day rather than per class and this will be addressed as we progress through the season.

Day Pass members entering BE80(T) classes

A rider day pass may be added automatically to the basket when entering a BE80(T) class, which is not necessary.

If this should happen, please proceed to pay the day pass fee at check out in order to complete your entry, but contact us at and we will process a refund for this amount.

Discount Vouchers

When using your membership and horse season ticket discount vouchers, please remember to click apply for the purchase value to be reduced. Please note that a maximum of 5 vouchers can be used in any one checkout transaction.

Horses owned by multiple members

There is currently a limitation in the horse registration process that allows you to add one owner only. If you wish to add multiple owners please complete the registration with a single owner and send a follow up email to with details of the horse and the additional owners that you wish to be added to the horse’s record. Please note that all owners registered to the horse must have a valid paid membership in order to purchase a season ticket and for the horse to compete

For agents acting on behalf of owners, we recommend you purchase horse registrations and owner memberships separately, as there is currently an issue with agents receiving information when both are purchased  in the same basket

Horse membership via direct debit

There is currently an issue with renewing memberships via direct debit using an Apple device, so if you are able to use another device please do so, otherwise contact the office on and we will take care of this for you.

Message -Access Denied

When you log in to the website you may be faced with a message that states Access Denied. If this should happen please refresh the page and the message will disappear.


Entries/Event Management

Balloting/Waitlist Management/Withdrawals/Substitutions

The balloting and waitlist management functions are now managed within Eventing Scores, with the balloting process set up in accordance with the balloting rules.  This means that entries secretaries will be able to complete the balloting process much faster.  The process for withdrawing and substituting a horse is now also more streamlined.

Entry information

We have improved access by entries secretaries and scorers to information within Salesforce, to provide breakdowns of entries by class and by day, so that event management decision-making will be easier.

What we haven’t yet fixed


We are working through a detailed specification provided by end-users so that it functions as part of the entries process.  We know this is critical and are addressing it as a priority.  Based on the easing of Covid restrictions, organisers will be able to offer on-site stabling for events from April 12, and we are doing everything possible to have the stabling function operational by that date.

In the meantime, event organisers have been developing their own processes for managing stabling and we appreciate the extra time and effort required to do so.  We hope to have this fixed very soon.

Refund Process

We are close to finalising the improvements to this functionality to allow entries secretaries to complete entry refunds.  The changes will mean that refund notifications emailed to members will include details of the event, horse and rider for which the refund has been processed, so that you can identify these amounts when receiving refunds for more than one horse.

Until this change is implemented, please contact us at for a breakdown of any bulk refunds.

Finance Reports

We have been working on improvements to the Finance reports which organisers and entries secretaries can download, to provide more features and easier reconciliation of amounts.  We are currently reviewing the changes within the BE IT team before asking end-users to review and sign-off on these changes so that we can roll them out.