Posted on 20th July 2020

Balloting – A reminder and some questions answered

Due to the level of demand for competition, there are a higher than usual number of people being balloted. With the number of queries coming to both BE HQ and Entries Secretaries regarding balloting process, we thought it may be useful to provide a summary.


Full balloting rules can be found in the Rules and Member Handbook Rule 4.4.

Balloting is the process used to reduce entries at an event which is oversubscribed.

  1. Only entries received prior to the Ballot date will be considered for the ballot.
  2. Entries received prior to the Ballot date and not accepted into eh event until the ballot process is complete.  Your entry may be accepted (i.e. you have a place to compete), waitlisted, or balloted.
  3. Organisers should accept as many Advanced and Intermediate class entries as possible.  Restrictions to these should be in conjunction with the national selectors, and would start with balloting the 5th ride, then the 4th ride from the same rider in that class.
  4. Organisers who are running qualifiers for Championships listed in Annex 6 of the Rulebook must give priority to those classes.
  5. Organisers may reject whole lower level classes to give priority to higher classes, but this should be agreed with the Regional Coordinator to take practical account of the entries in various classes in that region.

Where classes below Intermediate level are over-subscribed Organisers must restrict the number of horses to be ridden by one competitor to three in one day, and then priority is given in the following way:

  1. Entries to Regional Finals, BE90Ou18, BE100Ou18 and BEONu18 classes (subject to Rule
  2. Entries from full members using Super Ballot numbers
  3. Entries from full members using Ballot numbers, up to two entries per competitor
  4. Entries from members the Organiser specifically wishes to accept
  5. Entries from full members using a ballot number – third entry
  6. Entries from full members without a ballot number – one entry
  7. Entries from full members without a ballot number – second and third entry
  8. Entries from pass members on season tickets horses using a ballot number
  9. Entries from full members on horse passes or entries from pass members on season ticket horses without a ballot number
  10. Entries from Pass members on horse passes
  11. Entries made pending MERs

What are ballot numbers?

Ballot numbers are allocated to a season pass horse.  Each horse is allocated a ballot number per month, and a super ballot per half season. So a full season pass horse would have ballot numbers for March to October, with two Super ballot numbers, and a half season horse would have ballot numbers for July to October, with one Super ballot number.

What happens if I am waitlisted with a ballot number?

If you are accepted off the waitlist and you get a run, the ballot number is used. If you do not get accepted, your ballot number is returned, and you receive a Super ballot number in addition.

Can I put a ballot number on after I have made my entry?

No, you need to add your ballot number at the point of entry.  Entries Secretaries cannot put a number on for you retrospectively.

Are ballot numbers transferable?

No. The ballot numbers are unique to each horse and cannot be transferred to another horse.

What if I have a horse pass?

You will not receive any ballot numbers if you are competing a horse on a horse pass. You will only receive ballot numbers if you have a season or half season ticket for your horse.

What are BE doing about the level of balloting?

We are working with Organisers to put in extra days and dates of competition where possible. We know it is frustrating for members when they are balloted, particularly if this happens several times, or if you have used a Super ballot number.  As a consequence of COVID, the resumption calendar was designed to start slowly, as we needed to be sure that the protocols worked, and that there was demand from the membership for competition. We will do all we can to provide the right competition opportunities for members, and keep the remainder of the calendar under constant review.

What about entry refunds?

You will receive a refund for any entry which is either balloted out or waitlisted and which does not run. We are currently processing refunds for the first two weekends of the restarted season, and please note that currently start fee and entry fees will be refunded separately.