Posted on 6th January 2020

2020 BE Rules and Members’ Handbook

The 2020 BE Rules and Members’ Handbook is now available to view online.


Below you will find some key rules and rule changes for 2020 and where to find them in the rule book, please take a few minutes to read the full list of 2020 changes HERE. A hard copy of the handbook will be sent to members, and available to purchase online, in January.

View the full 2020 BE Rules and Members’ Handbook HERE.

Changes are identified in bold.

10.2 Vaccinations – National Competition

No Horse may take part in a BE National Event (which includes entering competition stables) unless it has a current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions:

  • Two injections for primary vaccination, not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to compete;
  • A first booster injection must be given within seven months (not more than 215 days) after the second injection of primary vaccination;
  • Subsequent booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than one year, commencing after the first booster injection;
  • In order to compete a horse must be vaccinated in accordance with the above rules and MUST also have had a vaccination within 6 calendar months and 21 days of the competition, BUT;
  • No injection should have been given 7 days before the competition.

Changes to Novice, Intermediate & Open Championship Qualifications

Please see Annex 6 - g, h and i

BE90 Open Under 18 Championship

Qualification for the new BE90 Open Under 18 Championship can be found under Annex 6 iv.

8.5.1 Grade 1 Elite

A new grade of horse, Grade 1 Elite, has been introduced to recognise the achievement of event horses who win over 500 BE grading points. There are currently over 450 horses with a Grade 1 Elite status, led by Deborah Sellar’s Nereo on 2938 points.

Prize money

Prize money will increase by 1.98% and be awarded to every 1 in 6 starters. View the full table under rule 8.3.4

Entry Fees and Abandonment Insurance

Entry fees and the upper limit of start fees will increase by 1.98% and Abandonment Insurance will also be increasing as a result of high levels of claims and a reduced number of underwriters willing to insure against the weather. Full details can be found in Annex 1.

Membership Fees

From 1 January 2020 there will be a £5 increase on Full, Owner, Syndicate and Corporate membership types. There is no change to Day Pass and Supporter membership, Rider and Horse Day Passes or Horse Season Tickets and there will no longer be a £15 fee on new horse registrations.

4.11.2 Minimum Refund Policy

Entries which are properly withdrawn before Ballot Date are entitled to a full refund of Entry Fee and Abandonment Premium; Ballot Numbers will be re-usable.

  • Entries which have been accepted but which are properly withdrawn subsequently and replaced by the Organiser, will be refunded their Abandonment Premium and Entry Fee less £12 admin fee, plus VAT where applicable.
  • ‘Replaced’ means;
    • where the class entered was full and, because of the withdrawal, a new entry, whether from a wait list or otherwise, is accepted, or
    • where an event had reached its entry limit and, because of the withdrawal, a new entry, whether from a wait list or otherwise, into any class is accepted.
  • Where the replacement Entry Fee is lower than the Entry Fee paid by the withdrawn entry, the refund will be limited to the lower fee.
  • Refunds will be made in the order in which entries are withdrawn and replaced by a new entry.
  • Where full or partial repayments are made, they will be accompanied by the Abandonment Premium in full.
  • All non-refunded Entry Fees remain insured under the Abandonment insurance. See Rule 4.12
  • Refunds arrangements for balloted but non-wait listed Horses and for unsuccessful, or withdrawn, wait-listed Horses are dealt with in Rule 4.4.3 and Rule 4.6 respectively.

4.1.6 Late Entry Surcharge

Any time after Ballot Date, when a £10 surcharge (plus VAT if applicable) may be charged, at the Organiser's discretion.

4.7 Substitutions and Alteration of Entry

  • Prior to the Event, the Organiser may accept a written request for the substitution of either Horse or Competitor, but not both (because this would constitute a new entry), or for a change of section or class.
  • During the Event, such changes may only be made with the permission of the BE Steward.
  • For substitutions and/or class changes made after the Entries Amendment Date, a fee of £10 (plus VAT if applicable) will be payable if the request is accepted.
  • If the class is oversubscribed/had balloted, the replacement Horse must use the same type of Ballot Number as the replaced Horse.
  • All substitutions and changes must be shown on the scoreboard.
  • A request for a class change may result in a balance of Entry Fee being payable.
  • A request for a class change must be refused if it would result in over-subscription in the Class requested, or the replacement Competitor riding more than 5 Horses in the day.

11.8 Social Media

The updated policy on Social Media can be found under rule 11.8

Four Year Old Horses

  • From 1st July 4 year old Horses may compete up to 4 times in total in BE80 (T) and/or BE90.

Next year sees British Eventing and BEDE Events introducing a new ‘Showcase’ for four year old horses at the Osberton International Horse Trials and BE Young Horse Championships. This new Showcase will replace the four year old championship at Osberton and there will no longer be specific four year old qualifying classes.

MERS for CCI1*-Intro

All Athletes must achieve three MERS at BE100 / BE100 PLUS / BE105

New Intermediate Dressage Test

You will find new Intermediate Dressage Test 140 (2020) in Annex 3

BE80(T) Qualification

Details on qualification for the BE80(T) Championship can be found in Annex 6 c.

Regional Youth Programme

The Regional Youth Programme (formerly the BE Under 18 Programme) now encompasses all training and competition opportunities for riders aged up to 21. From 2020 there will now be Regional Youth Coaches to support riders at OIu21 classes (that aren’t Young Rider or Junior Trials) along with all Under 18 Open classes at BE90, BE100 and Novice level.

Registration for the BE90u18, BE100u18 and Novice U18 Programmes are open HERE.

Regional Youth Championship 

Competitors may only represent a Team (from any region) at the BE90 Open u18 or BE100 Open Championships a maximum of twice.