Horse membership prices
Horse Grade or Competition Level Full Year via the Office Full Year Online Half Year via the Office Half Year Online
Grade IV (no points)  £85 £80 £54 £49
Grade III (1 - 20 points) £95 £90 £59 £54
Grade II (21 - 60 points) £140 £135 £87 £82
Grade I (61 points and over)  £180 £175 £113 £108


Please note: From BE80(T) up to Intermediate Novice level, riders can compete on a Day Pass Membership. Day Pass Members will need to buy one Day Pass for the horse and one Day Pass for the rider for BE90 up to Intermediate Novice. Only a horse Day Pass is needed to compete at BE80(T) level. A maximum of four rider Day Passes can be purchased per year, but an unlimited amount of horse Day Passes can be purchased.

Registering your horse

In order to buy membership for a horse you will first need to register the horse with British Eventing. Registration is free but there are some key pieces of information that you should be aware of, and certain pieces of documentation that you will need to provide. Please ensure you read how to register your horse before trying to purchase a Horse Membership.


What horse Tickets or Passes can I buy with my membership?

Membership Type Full Season Ticket Half Season Ticket Day Passes
Individual Owner
Joint Owner*
Supporter Individual
Supporter Company
Day Pass


* Primary member only


  • Before buying a horse membership all horses need to be registered with BE - find out more HERE - and the purchaser needs the correct membership type
  • Riders competing at BE80(T) level need to purchase a Horse Day Pass and Day Pass membership as a minimum
  • Day Pass and Supporter Members need to buy both a Rider Day Pass and a Horse Day Pass to compete at BE90 to IN level
  • The maximum number of Rider Day Passes that a Day Pass Member can buy is four per season (horse Day Passes are unlimited)