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Help with Online Eventing Entries


Some of the common questions that get asked about the internet entries system are answered below. Simply press on the question you'd like to see the answer to for help with online eventing entries.

  • How do i know which ballot numbers I've used?

    You can now keep track of which ballot numbers you’ve used at which events, and which ones have become super special ballot numbers.

    Simply log on to the website, and go to Membership, and My Details.

    Update details

    On that page, under the ‘my membership details’ and ‘contact details’ sections, you’ll find ‘my horses’. If you click on the name of the horse you want to find ballot info for, the list of numbers will appear, telling you if the number has been used and which event it has been used at.

    Ballot Stickers

    If you used a ballot number online and you were balloted, your ballot number will show as a SUPER Ballot Number, with "not used" as its status, so you'll be able to use it in future events.

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  • How do i avoid typing in all of my lorry details and event commentator notes every time?

    To save yourself time when making an entry, if you fill in the ‘emergency contacts’ section beforehand, when making an entry, these details will be pre-filled in for you.

    Under Membership, and “My details”, press ‘update details’. Scroll down to the section called “emergency contacts”. Here you can enter the emergency contact details, and also lorry details, XC Colours, and notes for the event comentator . If you fill in those details and press ‘update’, they will automatically go in to any future entry that you make, so you won’t have to type out further information if you’re entering your own horse.

     Emergency Contacts

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  • How do I make entries for someone else?

    Anyone can make entries for anyone on the system, but if you’re not an official delegate for that person, you’ll have to search for them each time, choosing the correct person.

    Rider Choice

    Once you've chosen your rider, you won't be able to see their emergency contact details. 

    Contacts Hidden

    To save yourself some time, you could ask them to add you as an agent, and once they’ve done this, their details will be available for you to choose automatically. If you ask them to fill in their emergency contact details as above, the process will be even faster.

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  • What is an 'entries system delegate'/agent and how do i use one?

    An 'entries system delegate' is a person you may authorise as an agent, to make entries on your behalf. An agent that you authorise will also be able to renew your membership and horses if you choose to allow them to do that.

    To be added as an agent, the person who would like you to be their agent must log in on their BE web account, and then go to Membership, My Details, and then ‘Entries System Delegates’.

    Update details

    There they will see a button that says “add an agent”.

    Add Delegate


     If they press this button they will come to a page where they can choose the agent name.

    Add Agent

    If they know your username for the website, they can enter that directly, or if not, they can search for your surname (for example). That will bring up a list of people with your surname, and then they just need to select and ‘save agent’.

    Agent Search


    They can then choose whether they want you to be able to 1) make entries on their behalf, 2) renew your membership and 3) re-register horses. They may choose any combination of those three.

    Edit Agent

     Once they’ve made their choices, they need to ‘save’ and both you and they are sent an email confirming those choices.

    Agent Email

    Once this is done, you log in on your membership details, and go to BE Interactive, Online Entries, and choose your event. Once the entry page opens up, if you click the little triangle by the horse name and the rider name, the person you’re delegating for will appear as a choice. You then continue to make the entry in the normal way.

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