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  • 170206 - February 6

     • The Directors met on February 7 at BE HQ and all were present

    • The Board approved the 2017 Senior Team Selection Policy

    • The Board approved the 2017 Terms of Reference for Selectors. Interviews for Senior Selectors are on February 8th and 6 candidates have been invited for interview. An announcement on the Senior Selectors will be made once the new selectors have been agreed.

    • The Terms of Reference for the Finance Committee were also approved (no significant change from previous ToR).

    • The revised 2017 Budget was approved.

    • The Audit on the 2016 accounts took place the week of the Board meeting.

    • Chris Farr (Sport Operations Manager) updated Directors from the recent Sport committee meeting, now chaired by Les Smith. BE has agreed a partnership with Exeter University on horse’s vision following their presentation at the BE Officials training weekend; CF updated the Directors on the work done by Equiratings on a safety initiative and how their data analysis system has been used by Eventing Ireland in 2016.

    • Nisha Punj, Project Manager ITTP and Andrew Kirkby, CIO, gave an update on the project. A membership update is available on the BE Website here (dated Feb 2) and the Board were updated on how both the BE teams and the Make Positive Teams are working hard to complete Release 1 and continuing development of the subsequent Releases.

    • Rob Pope and Clare Walkenden presented the commercial strategy proposal for the Board to discuss and consider. The Directors agreed on the principle of British Eventing having a long term commercial approach as set out in the presentation. The Directors recognise that as the funding landscape changes, BE needs to actively seek other forms of revenue to sustain the levels of investment and service BE makes into the sport.

    • The advert for an Independent Board Director to join the Board was very successful with many applicants so far. The closing date is February 10, after which the CEO, the Chairman with the Finance Committee members will select candidates for interview. Board Directors are non-executive volunteers.

    • Next meeting date has been rescheduled to April 12 at BE HQ


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  • 170412 - April 12

    • The Board met on April 12, 2017 and all Directors were present.
    • Karen Bartlett, BE’s auditor from Saffery Champness, presented the 2016 Audit report with the 2016 Final accounts. Karen reported on a clean audit with no management points raised. The Board approved the 2016 Final Accounts. These will be published by the end of May latest on this webiste.
    • The Board were briefed on and approved the resourcing plan in order to enable the implementation of the new Commercial Strategy. A summary will be posted on the BE website shortly.
    • Dan Hunt, the new Independent Chairman of Senior Selectors came to the meeting. His background is in high performance sport in cycling and football and is currently the Performance Director with British Ski and Snowboard. His role as the Independent Chairman of Selectors is to ensure the team selection policy/processes and protocols are followed, and are open and transparent and will stand up to scrutiny.
    • Joanna Shaw, the relatively new Chairman of the BEF Board came to the meeting to update the Board on the new BEF strategy and the process that has been undertaken to create this including involvement and consultation with representatives of all BEF Member Bodies.
    • Nisha Punj, IT Transformation Project (ITTP) Project manager, was invited to update the Board on this vitally important project. She updated on the challenges of Release 2 (EARS) and the subsequent revision of the delivery time lines An update will be posted on the BE website soon.
    • Chris Farr was invited to update the Board on the recent BE Risk Management meeting. BE has already started a pilot project with Equiratings on the use of their ERQI system.
    • David Holmes reported back on discussions at the recent FEI Sport Forum where the FEI announced that they have secured a 4 year contract with EquiRatings in order to help the development of risk management for competitors in international eventing competitions. The FEI will be introducing a new CI 1 star competition at 105cm meaning the other competitions will move up a star hence 4star events will become 5 star events in 2018.
    • The co-opted Board Directors Tim Holderness Roddam and Giles Rowsell’s terms will come to an end in November and there will also be Director Elections as Alex Fox’s term is up. Notification of the 2017 Director Elections is here
    • Next Board meeting will be June 13th at Stoneleigh.


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  • 170613 - June 13

    The Board met on June 13 at BE HQ and all Directors were present.

    • PH welcomed Fiona O’Hara as a new co-opted Board Director.

    • The Board reviewed the Risk Register which the Executive Team manage.

    • The Management Accounts were reviewed

    • The ITTP project is progressing well with close management by BE Project Manager and Make Positive. 

    The Directors received a progress report on the 3* Events Marketing Plan (primarily digital) and on lessons learned in this new combined marketing project.

    BE Committee meeting minutes were reviewed from the Sport Committee, Risk Management Committee, T&E Committee and Commercial & Marketing Committee. 

    • The Senior Selectors will meet in July to make final selection for the European in Poland in August. 

    • Clare Salmon, BEF CEO and Gordon Burton World Class Director gave a presentation on the BEF strategy and UK Sport requirements on governance for NGB’s. They answered questions from the Directors.

    • Next meeting is on August 15 at BE HQ

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  • 170815- August 15

     • The Board of British Eventing met on August 15, 2017. Apologies were received Fiona O'Hara. All other Directors were present

    • Entry fees 2018. The Board considered the proposal from the Sport Committee on the 2018 Entry fees. The Sport Committee had discussed the entry fees at their meeting and taken the BEOA proposal in consideration before making their proposal to the Board. When discussing the issue, the Directors took in the BEOA’s arguments on increased costs on vital services as well as course building materials and preparation. They were also aware how business rates for many venues have increased greatly. The Directors however are equally aware of the tough economic environment for members and their costs to compete. Following lengthy debate during the Board meeting the Directors agreed to discuss further with the BEOA. More discussion following the Board meeting took place after which the Board agreed to increase Entry Fees in line with the BEOA request.

    • Membership and horse registration numbers are healthy.

    • The Directors reviewed the minutes from the Sport Committee, Finance Committee and T&E Committee. CF was invited to expand on a few items namely on XC falls protocol, the Equivision research being undertaken and the 2018 fixtures management. Tim HR reviewed the Finance Committee minutes and AF updated from the most recent T&E committee meeting which she chairs.

    • Andrew Kirby joined the meeting to update the Directors on the ITTP project. There are number of issues to be managed which the Project Board are doing supported by the Project Steering Group.

    • Nigel Taylor updated on the final selection of the Team for the European Championships in Strzegom.

    • Rob Pope, Commercial Strategy and development consultant updated on progress to date on Phase 1 of the strategic activities.

    • Paul Hodgson gave an update on the latest BEF Proposed Governance Model as the member bodies try to meet the UKSport deadline of October 31st to meet their Governance requirements. Team funding is under threat if these requirements are not met and there is no negotiation on the target date.

    • Next meeting is at BE on October 10

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  • 171015 - October 15

     The Directors met on October 10 near Stoneleigh.  Les Smith sent his apologies. All other directors were present.  Chris Farr, Andrew Kirkby, Sean Maxwell, Rob Pope, Clare Walkeden and Olivia Szajna were invited to the meeting for relevant agenda items.

    •             Jane Peters was welcomed to her first Board meeting after she was elected onto the Board by the membership at the AGM on September 29, 2017.  The Board thanked Alex Fox for her immense contribution to the Sport as a Director. 

    •             No conflicts of interest or declarations of benefit were made.  The BEF have undertaken a Safeguarding audit and management points were noted but the audit gave a good report on BE’s Safeguarding policies and practices.  The Board will appoint a Director to lead on Safeguarding in the future as a part of their Board responsibilities.
    •             The Risk Register was reviewed following the latest update by the Management team with no amendments or additions proposed by the Directors.
    •             Paul Hodgson and David Holmes updated the Board on the most recent developments within the BEF on the future governance of the BEF.  The very tight deadline set by UK Sport/Sport England (October 31) is achievable but very challenging.  The process to achieve this new Board is also required to follow UK Sport compliance involving a number of interim Chairmen and Interim Nomination Committees to reach the end goal.   An EGM to approve the amended Memorandum and Articles of Association was set for October 18. Afternote: This has now been moved to October 25. Additional updates can be found here and here
    •             The Board agreed that Tim Holderness-Roddam, whose Directorship will finish in November 2017, will remain the Chairman of the Finance Committee for a further 6 months.  Fiona O’Hara, Finance Committee member will be the Board lead on the ITTP project in conjunction with Guy Prest.  Tim Holderness-Roddam will also remain the Chairman of the Blenheim Horse Trials Steering Group and Management committee for a further 2 years.
    •             The Board appointed Jane Peters as the new Chairman of the Training and Education Committee on the basis of her skills and experience as a T&E Committee member from the past in her role as U18 Chair.
    •             The Directors reviewed the Management Accounts.  Wendy McGowan reported that 2017 has seen a slight rise in Memberships and Horse passes, and of note is the increase in the purchase of Day Passes.  The Owner category has seen a good rise in memberships as well.  Non IT Project expenditure has been stable and WM forecasts BE will hit the budget target for 2017.
    •             The Directors reviewed Sport and Finance Committee minutes. Chris Farr joined the meeting to update from the Sport Committee minutes and updated on the Risk Management meeting.  Membership updates from these meetings will be made. The Finance Committee is finalising the 2018 Budget before recommending it for approval at the next Board meeting on December 5th.  
    •             The Board discussed the topic of ‘protecting the BE Brand’ after BE was given feedback on the mis-use of recognised BE terms and descriptions.  Some options were discussed but more work needs to be done before any agreed actions can be put in place if required.  The Board did agree that BE needs to do as much as it can to highlight the leading standards it has, making BE Affiliated events the best there are and which BE members can expect.
    •             The Board received an update on the ITTP project and Andrew Kirkby joined the meeting for this discussion.  Release 2 (EARS) has been a significant challenge to complete, and the members received an update at the AGM. A more detailed ITTP member update can be found here.
    •             Sean Maxwell, BE’s Training and Education manager gave an update on his first few weeks in the role.
    •             A Commercial Project update was provided by Rob Pope, Clare Walkeden and Olivia Sajzna.  Rob Pope reported on achievements so far, including 3star event marketing and the commissioned research by Two Circles which has led to the creation of sponsorship tools for BE and BE organisers - these which will be shared once they have been finalised.  On the basis of this research, BE can also start developing partnerships with organisations where there is mutual benefit and potential returns to BE as well as wider recognition as a sport. RP was given approval to explore these partnerships further.
    •             Tim Holderness-Roddam updated on the SsangYong Blenheim International Horse Trials which overall was deemed a success.  The incident that made it into the news is in the hands of the police.  BE will review internal processes.
    •             The BE Executive are preparing for the introduction in 2018 of new regulations around Data Protection (GDPR) – which organisers will also be briefed on.  National Mourning is on the Risk Register - on BE’s busiest week, this could potentially affect up to 10 events.
    •             Paul Hodgson thanked both Giles Rowsell and Tim Holderness-Roddam for their valuable and considered counsel whilst Directors as their terms finish in November 2017. 
    •             Next meeting will be on December 5, 2017 at BE HQ
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  • 171205 - December 5

     The Directors met on December 5, 2017 at the BE HQ.

    • Nigel Taylor sent his apologies. Tim Holderness Roddam, Chairman of the Finance Committee, Chris Farr, Andrew Kirkby and Nisha Punj were invited for relevant agenda items.
    • The BEF collectively (i.e. all member bodies) is responsible to deliver the Safe Guarding Policy following feedback received on the BEF wide Safe Guarding audit. David Holmes is working with the BEF and other member bodies to ensure compliance is met.
    • A Court Mourning policy has been agreed and put on the Risk Register.
    • The Board approved the Fixtures Panel and Fixtures Action Group compositions - amendments as a result of Alex Fox and Giles Rowsell coming off the Board.
    • The Board approved the Selection policies for the Pony, Junior and Young Rider teams for 2018. The Senior team policy is being finalised as Richard Waygood is awaiting feedback from the riders. As soon as it has been finalised it will be sent to the Board for formal approval before being posted on the website.
    • The Board reviewed the Management accounts to date. Wendy McGowan and David Holmes answered questions.
    • Alec Lochore unfortunately did not get elected as the FEI Eventing Committee Chairman. David O’Connor was elected into that role at the FEI General Assembly in Montevideo in November.
    • The Sport Committee meeting minutes were reviewed and questions answered by Les Smith and Chris Farr. The 2018 rules have been agreed; a Fixtures panel meeting was held and the Fixtures Team’s decisions upheld.
    • Chris Farr reported back from the Risk Management Committee meeting. A collaborative hat tagging initiative has started between BE, the Pony Club and British Riding Clubs (BRC) with a single aqua coloured hat tag across all three organisations. BE competitors will need to have their hats retagged at their first competition. Members should consult the BE Members handbook for approved hats.
    • Chris Farr tabled a report on the work done to date by Equiratings Ltd. (see previous Board web notes on their work). The Board has approved the 2018 budget for continuation of the work and has approved the proposed implementation of the recommendations in the report – which will be communicated to the members in due course.
    • The Board discussed the ITTP as part of the 2018 Budget discussions. (see the ITTP page for updates so far). There was thorough and robust discussion on the current status of the project, its financial implications and project time lines. Releases 1 (CRM/database) and 3 (Risk Management software) have been delivered and are live. Release 3(Training and Education) has been delivered to the point that it can be – subject to completion of the website (R4) when it will be fully released. The EARS release is challenging but is close to completion. The Board acknowledges that the project has been a significant challenge but is also aware that this investment will serve the sport better and more efficiently long term with less system management and development costs than the current systems which hold significant risks to BE both technically and financially.
    • The Board reviewed the proposed budget for 2018, including the ITTP costs and approved it as recommended by the Finance Committee.
    • The Commercial strategy is in progress and information has been shared with organisers that will support them in their quest for sponsors. The BE team has organised an Event Organisers Commercial Forum at the beginning of 2018 to provide more information and support to them.
    • The BEF Board is in place (INEDs to be recruited still) and now the BEF is recruiting for a CEO.
    • Jane Peters is due to chair her first T&E committee meeting on 6 December where the priority will be reviewing the T&E Strategy.
    • Next meeting is February 6, 2018 at BE HQ
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