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  • 01 - December 2016 meeting notes

     • The British Eventing Board of Directors met on December 6th 2016 and all Directors were present.

    • With the recent revelations of child abuse in football, the Board requested a full review of BE’s policies regarding child /vulnerable adults protection.  

    • The new World Class Eventing management structure has been announced and the Board are delighted with the appointment of Richard Waygood as Performance Manager and Chris Bartle as Performance Coach. The next step is to agree the Senior Selectors panel, for which BE will advertise to recruit the selectors. See here for the advertisement.

    • The Board thanked Gary Parsonage for his valuable contribution to the Pony Team whilst the Chairman of Selectors for that team. The Board approved the appointment of Jill Barker as the new Chairman of Selectors for the Pony Team. 

    • The selection policies for the Pony, Junior and Young Rider Teams were approved.

    • The minutes from the various committees (Finance, Sport, International, Risk Management) were reviewed.

    • The Board received an update on the ITTP project including progress on Release 1, the new CRM database. The release has gone reasonably smoothly and the teams both at BE and Makepositive are working hard to resolve outstanding issues.

    • The Board approved the funding of a Research Project in order to assist the development of British Eventing’s Commercial Strategy.

    • The Board approved a grant to assist the development of e – scoring for events.

    • The Board discussed and agreed on a process to recruit an Independent Director (INED) for Finance to the Board in the first quarter of 2017, in line the new UK Sport/Sport England ‘Code for Sport Governance’. Three directors retire in November, two appointed and one elected. The Board agreed for potentially two appointed Director roles to be advertised in the second/third quarter of 2017 in order to recruit in time for November appointments.

    • Next meeting is February 7th at BE HQ


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  • 02 - October 2016 meeting notes

    •  The Board Directors met on October 4th. Paul Hodgson welcomed Les Smith who was elected onto the Board at the recent AGM. The Board also thanked Suzi Cotterill for her valuable contributions whilst on the Board.
    • The minutes from the Sport Committee, T&E Committee and the Finance Committee were reviewed.
    • The Board appointed Les Smith as the new Chairman of the Sport Committee. The Chairman expressed the Board’s thanks to Chris Hunnable who had been Chairman and Co Chairman for a number of years. His knowledge and dedication to the Sport has been significant. The Board also appointed Alex Fox to take over the Chair of the T&E Committee.
    • Nisha Punj gave an update on the IT Transformation Project which included the timelines for the staged releases of the system - the first release of the CRM (database) system is on target for November. A further member update is published here 
    • The Management team joined the meeting to present the Operational Plans that they have been working on which link into the Strategic Plan.
    • Mr Rob Pope joined the meeting and presented an outline for developing a Commercial strategy which the Board discussed at length agreeing to progress the development of a robust long term commercial strategy which process will involve consultation and collaboration with all key stakeholders.
    • The 2017 Budget, reviewed by BE’s Finance Committee and recommended by them, was approved by the Board.
    • Feedback from the AGM and especially around the shortness of the Q&A was noted. Members are always able to submit any questions to the Board via
    • The announcement of the sale of Barbury Castle and its potential impact on the fixtures for 2017 was discussed. The Fixtures team is exploring all options and scenarios. 
    • The Board will meet again on December 6 2016
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  • 03 - August 2016 meeting notes

     The Directors met on August 17, 2016 at BE HQ

    • Memberships are healthy and have increased on last year. Including Associates (life-time registrations), British Eventing can report registrations at over 35,000.
    • The new Regional Structure and Regional Committees are working well and have already demonstrated a positive effect on participation in regional training opportunities.
    • Minutes from the Sport, Finance and Risk Management committees and Sport Viability and Sport Development Working Groups were presented and reviewed. The Board approved the proposal from the Sports Committee of a 1.5% increase in entry fees for the 2017 season. Start fees will remain unchanged.
    • The Board approved the Budget assumptions for 2017 and the BE Executive will now prepare the 2017 budget for the next Board meeting.
    • BE will continue to develop an Arena Eventing competition as another competition product members can benefit from.
    • David Hamer, BEF Excel Talent Development Manager and Anna Hall, BEF Head of Participation both gave presentations to the Board, explaining the next funding rounds from Sport England and UKSport in the ‘Tokyo Cycle’.
    • The Board received an update on the IT Transformation Project which remains on track.
    • The Commercial and Marketing Director provided an update on the Commercial Strategy.
    • The International Director and CEO provided feedback to the Board based on their experiences in Rio.
    • The AGM with Director Election results will be on Friday September 30th at the KBIS British Eventing Young Horse Championships at Osberton Horse Trials. All members are welcome.
    • The next Board meeting will be held on October 4, 2016 at BE HQ
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  • 04 - June 2016 meeting notes

    • The Board met on June 14 2016 and all Directors were present.
    • The Terms of Reference for the Sport Committee and the Commercial and Marketing Committee were approved. These have now been placed on the website together with the ToR of the other BE Committees and Working Groups.
    • The Board re-appointed Malcolm Wharton as a Trustee of the British Eventing Charitable Foundation.
    • The Chief Executive updated the Board on progress with the Olympic Agenda 2020 Working Group. The latest recommendations which have been sent to the FEI Eventing Committee can be found on the BE Website.
    • The Chief Operating Officer reported that membership and horse registrations have increased by 5% and 3.8% respectively compared to 2015.
    • Each Director reported from their respective Committee meetings. Suzi Cotterill reported on the trial for Stop watches at the lower levels and the feedback received from members and BE Officials. After the trial is finished the Sport committee will assess this rule further. 
    • Sarah Verney, in her role as the Podium Potential Eventing Coordinator for World Class, gave a presentation and answered questions on the programme.
    • Adrian Ditcham (Regional Coordinator South East)and Fiona Saxby (Regional Development Officer North Wales and West Midlands)were invited to the meeting to give feedback on their roles now the new regional structure is in place. They said the regional structure is an exciting development giving BE a greater opportunity to engage more with its members locally. 
    • The ITTP project manager, Nisha Punj, gave an update on the project. David Holmes will provide an update to members via the website. 
    • Chris Farr, Sports Operations Manager, joined the meeting to update Directors on progress of the review that he and the Fixtures Team working together with the BEOA have undertaken of the Fixtures process. The Board approved the updated process. Chris further explained how the Fixtures Team have been closely monitoring events and using event statistics in order to be able to have the right objective tools to inform the management of the calendar at this time of cancellations due to bad weather. 
    • The Directors will meet next on August 17, 2016 at BE HQ.
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  • 05 - April 2016 meeting notes

    • The Directors met on April 12 2016.
    • The Terms of Reference for all the committees were signed off. Once these have been formatted for web publication, BE will put them on the website.
    • The office is back up and running after the pipe burst which caused significant office infrastructure problems with relocation of desks and staff to a temporary location or working from home. It was managed with minimal disruption to the running of the business and membership services continued without interruption.
    • The Auditor was invited to report on the 2015 accounts after which the Board approved the 2015 accounts and the Director’s Statement.
    • The Chief Operating Officer reported a healthy start to the season in terms of membership and horse registration numbers which are slightly up on 2015, although the effects of the recent weather may have an impact.
    • The CEO reported from the FEI Sport Forum in early April. After the Sport Forum the FEI has announced that the Eventing teams competing at the Olympics will be 3 in a team. The format of the Olympic eventing
    • competition is still to be decided by the FEI and BE and other Federations are working together to make proposals to the FEI.
    • The Directors reported from the various committees which they chair or co-chair.
    • The IT Steering Group presented their recommendations to the Board following the conclusion of the Discovery phase of the IT Transformation Project. The Board approved the budget for the project which will encompass the development of a new database and CRM system, Entries and Scoring system (EARS) and a new website.
    • The Commercial and Marketing Committee will be formed after advertising for volunteer members on the committee. A good number of applications were received which is very encouraging. The new committee’s first task will be to review the commercial audit report from February and make recommendations to the Board on a Commercial Strategy.
    • The CEO presented progress with the Live Scoring Project (hence to be known as e – scoring) and the Board agreed some limited funding support to help move this forward. The aim is to work with developers to create a product that is affordable and functional at the majority of BE Events.
    • The CEO updated the Board on progress with the Strategic and Operational Plans. An updated Strategic Plan was presented to the Board which has subsequently been updated on the BE Website.
    • The Chief Operating Officer updated the Board on proposed procedures for the upcoming election which were approved by the Board.
    • The Sport Operations Manager was invited to update the Directors on the ongoing work in view of the recently cancelled events. Extensive discussions between BE, organisers and Regional Coordinators takes place when events cancel and BE HQ undertakes a full analyses on entries and event viability vs competitor needs. Our members should be assured that BE undertakes everything it can to provide the competitions needed but that this must be carefully balanced against the viability of events who rely on every single entry fee and start fee to make the event run. Adding an additional day of competition can have an adverse effect on an event still taking entries so very careful consideration is required.
    • The next meeting will be June 14 2016 at the BE Offices.
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  • 06 - February 2016 meeting notes

    • The Board Directors held a meeting on February 9, 2016, all were present.
    • The Reviewed Terms of Reference for the Training and Education committee were approved. Other Committees Terms of Reference are currently being reviewed and will be presented to the next Board meeting for approval.
    • The Conflicts of Interest policy is now managed by the CEO and Chief Operating Officer, rather than by the Finance Committee. This process falls in line with the SRA Code of Good Governance.
    • The Team Selection Policy for the Rio Olympics was reviewed by the Board.
    • The 2015 Audit starts the week after this Board meeting. The pre-audit accounts were reviewed and discussed.
    • Chris Farr, BE’s Sports Operations Manager was invited to update the Board on the Fixtures Process which is a document that sets out how all BE fixtures are managed in the planning of the calendar. The Fixtures Process
      Document is worked on in consultation with the BEOA.
    • Nisha Punj, ITTP Project Manager and Andrew Kirkby, BE’s Chief Information Officer, were invited to update the Board on the first phase of BE’s ITTP project, the Discovery phase, with the supplier Make Positive. (please see the ITTP Update statement of February 15 on this website)
    • David Holmes is arranging meetings with suppliers of Live Scoring systems to discuss options how BE can support such initiatives which are good for the sport.
    • The Board agreed for some research to be undetaken both inside and outside the sport concerning views on changing the name of Eventing to Equestrian Triathlon.
    • The Board approved the PR time lines for the Board Elections at the AGM 2016.
    • The Board approved for BE to send two Board Directors to the Olympics at Rio de Janeiro for the duration of the Eventing competition.
    • Next Board meeting is on April 12, 2016 at BE Head Office
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