In the eventuality of too many entries being made into a specific event, the entries secretary will stop taking further entries at midday of the ballot date. Excess entries will either be wait-listed or balloted out with a full refund.  Full Members will take priority over Day Passes in the eventuality of balloting. 

View Balloting in the BE Rules and Members' Handbook


We are no longer using ballot numbers, instead each horse has a Ballot per month plus two super Ballots for the full season. Ballot stickers are given to all horses on a Full or Part Horse Season Ticket. When making an entry, you can allocate your ballot sticker to an entry which will give you priority in a ballot - the exact rules are set out in the BE Rules and Members' Handbook. Ballot stickers are valid for one month and can only be used for one event in that month. 

There are two super ballot stickers issued with a Full Horse Season Ticket, and one super ballot sticker issued with a Part Horse Season Ticket.  

Each event on the BE Life magazine schedule pages will list the number of competitors balloted at each level from the previous year's competition. This is to give you an idea of the demand for entries and where best to use your ballot sticker.

These ballot stickers give you a much stronger chance of getting into your selected event, and can be used at any time of the year. Ballot stickers will be emailed when the season ticket is purchased or can be viewed by logging into My BE and clicking on the horses name. 

Using your ballot stickers

These are not visible under your horse’s account. If you are entering via the BE website you will just need to select from the drop down menu within the entry process that shows the available ballots for the horse being entered.

If you are entering on BDWP you will need to select Ballot or Super Ballot under the Special Options field, and then in the Notes Box type the month relating to the ballot sticker (i.e. March Ballot or April Ballot) or Super Ballot if you would like to use your super ballot.

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