Foundation Points League

BE Foundation Points are awarded at BE90, BE100 and BE105 level. These leagues, are for riders and horses earning points at these levels throughout the season.

Foundation Points League - Riders

Top 20 Foundation Points Riders 2021

Position RiderCountry Points
1st John-Paul SheffieldGBR - Great Britain 363
2nd Melissa JoannidesGBR - Great Britain 321
3rd Charlotte RoweGBR - Great Britain 300
4th Lucy RobinsonGBR - Great Britain 267
5th Sara BoweGBR - Great Britain 228
6th Vicky TuffsGBR - Great Britain 210
7th Tyler CassellsGBR - Great Britain 206
8th Amelia WalkerGBR - Great Britain 196
9th Emma HobdayGBR - Great Britain 190
10th Andrew DownesGBR - Great Britain 187
11th Isabel WhiteGBR - Great Britain 184
12th Marcio Carvalho JorgeBRA - Brazil 181
13th Rosalind CanterGBR - Great Britain 180
14th Oliver TownendGBR - Great Britain 172
15th Lizzie BaughGBR - Great Britain 171
16th Jack MantelGBR - Great Britain 166
17th Paul BurgessGBR - Great Britain 165
18th Alex ColbornGBR - Great Britain 159
19th= Piggy MarchGBR - Great Britain 156
19th= Fred PowellGBR - Great Britain 156

Foundation Points League - Horses

Top 20 Foundation Points Horses 2021

Position HorseSire x Dam OwnerCountry Points
1st QUALITY QUICK DECISION Caroline Collins (GBR) 110
2nd DELIGHTFUL MR CLOVER Katherine Stewart (GBR) 108
3rd TRINITY O REALLY Gillian Mason (GBR) 103
4th BILLY ARUNDEL Charlotte Williams (GBR) 97
5th JULIA B Jane Heerbeck (GBR) 94
6th= IE MR MCGREGOR Will Furlong (GBR), Will Furlong (GBR), Will Furlong (GBR) 90
6th= BURNTWOOD SORREL Becky Rignall (GBR) 90
8th= LUCKY JO JO Nick Brooks (GBR) 88
8th= EDEN III Sophie Edwards (GBR) 88
10th CAVAN Mr & Mrs Vere Nicoll
Marcio Carvalho Jorge (GBR)
11th THE RIDGE HEARTBEAT Becky Clark (GBR), Becky Clark (GBR) 85
12th= KATELANE Anne Stratton (United Kingdom), Pippa Woodall (GBR) 84
12th= FERNHILL FORTUNE Martyn Johnson (GBR) 84
12th= CFH DAKAR HILL Vicky Tuffs (GBR) 84
15th= BELLA EMMY Holly Nye (GBR) 83
15th= JIMMY CHOO Samantha Wilson (GBR) 83
17th= LINKIN PARK K Barratt Eventing (GBR) 82
17th= BE BARBARA Zoe Warren (GBR) 82
19th= MBF OUTLIER Fiona Burn and Janie Dear (GBR) 80
19th= BALLINGOWAN CHIARA Imogen Pohl (GBR) 80