Foundation Points League

BE Foundation Points are awarded at BE90, BE100 and BE105 level. These leagues are for riders and horses earning points at these levels throughout the season.

The Foundations Points Leagues results below are correct as of October 17 2019.

Foundation Points Leagues

Foundation Points Top Riders League 2019


Placing Rider Points
1st        Miss Alex Postolowsky 279
2nd        Miss Georgie Strang 259
3rd        Mr Sam Gillespie 248
4th=       Miss Melissa Joannides 246
4th=       Mr Wills Oakden 246
6th        Mr Oliver Townend 242
7th        Mrs Sacha Hourigan 234
8th        Mr James Sommerville 219
9th        Mrs Caroline Day 218
10th       Miss Laura Collett 214
11th       Mrs Katy Lawrence 212
12th       Miss Louisa Lockwood 208
13th       Miss Charlotte Rowe 207
14th       Miss Izzy Taylor 206
15th       Mrs Helen Witchell 201
16th       Miss Imogen Murray 200
17th       Mr Ben Way 194
18th=      Miss Amelia Walker 193
18th=      Miss Holly Woodhead 193
20th       Mr Kevin Mcnab 186

Foundation Points Top Horses League 2019


Placing Horse Owner Points
1st        ANGELS SPIRIT Rasshied Din 174
2nd=       WHITEMOORS FIRST FLIGHT Katy Lawrence 154
2nd=       RAPID GLOBAL VB Christine Hudson 154
4th        CHURCHSIDE REFLECTION Deirdre Hunt 116
5th        DOMINO DERVAL Valerie Gorringe 110
6th        IWAN Amy Barlow 107
7th        MERIDIANWAY RAMZES BOY Ruth Honey 106
8th        IDEN VAN DE ROSWEIDE Wendy Rose 103
9th=       DOUBLE ACT IV Caroline Richardson 96
9th=       NELGORDE NAHEEZ Lucy Gasston 96
11th=      VISTIMAR Katie Mclaren 92
11th=      JUST SODA NO ICE Zoe Feeney 92
11th=      DILANO Z Victoria Wentworth 92
14th       MACADAM JEWEL Suzy Bull 90
15th=      TRENT RED MEXICO Kate Broatch 88
15th=      GLOBAL ASK James Sommerville 88
15th=      FENOMEEN L Lucy Mason 88
15th=      CORRIEVIEW MERLIN MAGIC Jane Rogers 88
19th=      SJL CONVINCE ME Fran Reeve 86
19th=      BURNTWOOD SORREL Becky Rignall 86
19th=      TERRYGREEHAN DEMPSEY Michele Hill 86