Charles Owen Pony League

The British Eventing Pony Programme, sponsored by Charles Owen, is both a competition and training programme designed to produce a team that will represent Great Britain at the European Championships as well as to coach and develop riders for pony teams in the future, and for the National Pony Championships. 

This league highlights combinations competing in Pony Trials with multiple successes. The league includes the Pony Trials in the run up to and including the National Pony Championships.

League Events

  • 7-10 March: Oasby (1)
  • 15-17 March: Pontispool
  • 6-7 April: Weston Park (1)
  • 27-28 April: Withington Manor (CCI2*-S reserved for ponies)
  • 8-11 May: Aston-le-Walls (2)
  • 1-2 June: Brand Hall (National Pony Championship)

Pony programme

Title Sponsor

Pony Trial League 2019

Position Horse Rider Points
1st= MASTER MACKY Miss Freya Partridge 13
1st= MIDNIGHT DANCER II Mr Finn Healy 13
3rd= GOLDEN CHANCE REMARK Miss Xanthe De Wesselow 12
3rd= RED DANDY Miss Holly Clarke 12
3rd= SF DETROIT Miss Daisy Bathe 12
6th CHEEKY CASPER Miss Charlotte Bull 11
7th= BOOKHAMLODGE PENNYLANE Miss Ibble Watson 10
7th= FOXTOWN CUFFLYNX Miss Iona Sclater 10
9th MR BLUESKIES Miss Daisy Amin 8
10th STARFLOWER Miss Ria Scott 7
11th= CREGAAN SCENIC Miss Lucy Stimson 6
11th= KNOCKMULLEN FLYER Miss Jaymee Savill 6
11th= LOUGHAN SILVER SHADOW Miss Daisy Bathe 6
14th BELAERO Miss Ellie Fredericks 5
15th= SMOKEY DIAMOND Miss Nancy Eadie 4
15th= TEACHMOR JOEY Miss Katie Wrennall 4
17th= GLENCARRIG DOLPHIN Miss Lucy Baguley 3
17th= LEAGAUN WILD BOY Miss Gini Hope 3
20th= EASTER VII Miss Freya Kendrew 2
20th= TYNAN MIST Miss Amelia Ludiman 2