How to make an entry

Once you are familiar with the levels and rules, have purchased your membership and Horse Season Ticket or Day Pass, have decided how far you wish to travel and feel prepared to enter your first event, follow our step-by-step guide on making an entry below or WATCH OUR HOW TO MAKE AN ENTRY VIDEO.

STEP 1 – Check the Event Schedule on the BE website or in British Eventing Life magazine to read information such as a course description, entries opening, competition levels and location.

STEP 2 – Make a note of the dates, including when entries open, which can be up to six weeks before a competition. The earlier you enter, the better, but make sure you get your entry in before the ballot date!

STEP 3 – Once you are logged in, visit the event schedule under the BE Fixtures and Results page, you will simply have to click ‘ENTER THIS EVENT’ on the event schedule page, pick a class and fill out the details required.

You can also enter by post using our Entry Form.


DRAFT ENTRIES - A new function of the BE entries system is that you can save a draft of your entry to return to later to complete and pay for. Read more about using this function HERE.

BALLOT – Popular events will be oversubscribed and will need to ballot entries. Each horse on a Full or Half Season ticket will be allocated ballot stickers to use for priority entries. Read more about balloting HERE.

WITHDRAWING – If you enter but subsequently need to withdraw and it is done before the ballot date, you will receive a full refund (the full refund policy can be found in the BE Members’ Handbook).

WAITLIST – Some over-subscribed events will set up a waitlist, details of which can be found on the event’s schedule page of the BE website.

ABANDONMENT PREMIUM – This is the insurance premium competitors pay to secure a refund if the event is abandoned for reasons covered under the abandonment insurance. Find out more about Abandonment and the difference between a cancellation HERE.

START FEE – This is the fee riders will need to pay at the event when picking up numbers from the secretary's tent.

BE Rules and Members' Handbook