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Riders and grooms passes to be collected on arrival at event.



Bicton Arena, East Budleigh, Yettington, Devon, United Kingdom, EX9 7BL


Friday 3 to Sunday 5 September 2021

Organisers and Secretaries

Event Organiser - Andrew Fell
Contact Andrew Fell
Phone: 01395 441162 (Bicton office)

Entries Secretary - Wendy Evans
Contact Wendy Evans
Mobile: 07775 888546

Course description

Cross-country course by Capt Mark Phillips will running in the opposite direction to the Bicton 4* in June.

Official website

Event schedule

Entries open

2 August 2021

Ballot date

17 August 2021 12:00 noon

Ballot period


Late entry surcharge

17 August 2021

Event Team

Andrew Fell

Event Organiser

Bicton Arena, Budleigh Salterton, EX9 7BL

Contact Details
Wendy Evans

Entries Secretary

2 Netherstead Court, Studley, B80 7FG

Contact Details
Mark Phillips

XC Course Designer

Paul Connor

SJ Course Designer

Entries Information

Entry fees include VAT. VAT Reg No 321152022.

Internet entries on

Refund Policy - 100% refund for withdrawals before ballot date. Refund less £14.40 admin fee if replaced. A wait-list will be held.


Mandatory stabling on site at £534.30 for the duration of the event, to include a double stable for each horse plus one additional stable for use as a store/tackroom. This fee includes hook-up for the rider's vehicle.

Caravan/motorhome parking with hook-up for registered owners and grooms is available for £70 inc VAT. No public campsite is available.

Stabling and caravan bookings can be made with your entry or by contacting Miranda Collett 07765 184725.

Special Notices

All Terrain Vehicles/Motorcycles will not be permitted.

Entrance Policy - spectator tickets will be available through Tickets for registered owners must be requested by the rider by email to

Classes table

Class Days Dressage Test Entry Fee AIP Total Late Fee Start Fee
CCI-L 5* D-THU / D-FRI / X-SAT / S-SUN CCI5* A (2021) £387.37 £57.33 £444.70 £12.00 £0.00


AIP = Abandonment Insurance Premium
Late Fee = Late Entry Surcharge Fee
Start Fee = Payable at time of entry
Days - D = Dressage, S = Show Jumping, X = Cross Country

Classes and fees

Dressage will be on the Western Counties Arena on the surface. Show Jumping is in the Topspec Main Arena.

*Competitors in International Classes only - Please note in addition to your entry fee at the time of entry you will be charged an extra fee of £21.00.This is charged by the FEI for the Worldwide Equine & Human Anti-Doping Program. This fee will be refunded in full if your entry is withdrawn.


Total prize fund €125,000. First prize €40,000, 2nd prize €30,000, 3rd prize €20,000, 4th prize €15,000, 5th prize €10,000. The remaining €10,000 to be split equally between the remaining prize-winning athletes (on the basis of 1 prize per 4 athletes starting the competition).

Event name: CHEDINGTON BICTON FIVE STAR Date: Sep 3-5 2021 Location: Bicton Arena, East Budleigh, Yettington, Devon, United Kingdom
Optimum XC Time - 11.16
CCI-L 5* - Section A
Pos Horse Rider Pts FP D SJ XC Total
1 CHILLI KNIGHT Miss Gemma Tattersall 180 0 27.9 0.00 0.00 27.90
2 BILLY WALK ON Mrs Pippa Funnell 170 0 23.9 0.00 4.80 28.70
3 VANIR KAMIRA Mrs. Piggy March 160 0 25.5 8.40 0.00 33.90
4 PENCOS CROWN JEWEL Miss Rosalind Canter 150 0 27.1 8.00 7.60 42.70
5 MAJAS HOPE Mrs Pippa Funnell 140 0 27.4 4.00 15.20 46.60
6 ALFIES CLOVER Mr Richard P Jones 130 0 33 5.20 8.80 47.00
7 TREGILDER Mr Oliver Townend 120 0 29.7 8.00 11.00 48.70
8 HHS NOBLE CALL Mr Padraig Mccarthy 110 0 34.9 8.00 7.20 50.10
9 RINGWOOD SKY BOY Mr Tim Price 65 0 26.7 8.00 17.40 52.10
10 RSH CONTEND OR Miss Felicity Collins 65 0 31.9 0.00 23.60 55.50
11 FINDUSS PFB Mrs Sammi Birch 65 0 39 0.00 17.60 56.60
12 GORSEHILL PEARL Mr Joseph Murphy 65 0 32.1 8.00 18.00 58.10
13 GURTERA CHER Mr Sam Griffiths 65 0 34 4.00 24.40 62.40
14 DHI PURPLE RAIN Mr Francis Whittington 65 0 34.4 18.80 15.20 68.40
15 MR SNEEZY Mr James Avery 65 0 28.7 8.00 32.20 68.90
16 ESI PHEONIX Mr Angus Smales 65 0 29.9 0.00 60.80 90.70
17 DIAMOND RUCTIONS Miss Louisa Lockwood 0 0 31.5 22.80 46.80 101.10
18 HD BRONZE Mr Harry Mutch 0 0 35.3 20.00 52.40 107.70
E UR MHS KING JOULES Mr Oliver Townend 0 0 28.1 E E UR
R HALLTOWN HARLEY Miss Georgie Spence 0 0 35.2 R R
R RUBIX KUBE Ms Sarah Dowley 0 0 34 R R
E AR GOLDEN MIDNIGHT Ms Malin Josefsson 0 0 35.4 E E AR
E HF CREDO III Mr Richard Skelt 0 0 36.4 E E HF
W LEONIDAS II Mr Padraig Mccarthy 0 0 28.5 W W
R FONBHERNA LANCER Miss Izzy Taylor 0 0 25.7 R R
W BRADELEY LAW Mr Michael Owen 0 0 36.8 W 27.40 W
R EL MUNDO Mr Michael Winter 0 0 29.6 R R
R ORATORIO II Mr William Fox-Pitt 0 0 27 R R
R FERRO POINT Mr David Doel 0 0 37.8 R R
E HF GALILEO NIEUWMOED Mr David Doel 0 0 32.2 E E HF
R V.I.P VINNIE Mr Will Rawlin 0 0 25.6 R R
R MR FAHRENHEIT III Mr Simon Grieve 0 0 36.3 R R


Column Headings

Position field
Foundation Points
Dressage Penalties
Dressage Error Marks
Dressage Errors of Course
Show Jumping Penalties
Show Jumping Time Penalties
Cross country jumping penalties
Cross country time penalties

Completion Codes

Where the horse was not placed, a code is shown as follows…


For eliminations, this may be followed by an elimination code…

Compulsory Retirement
Failed at first trot up
Failed at second trot up
Rider Unseated
Horse Fall
Horse fall that broke a frangible fence
Trapped Horse
Three refusals in show jumping, or at same fence in cross-country
Four refusals overall in cross-country
Accumulated Refusals

Downgraded horses

After the horse name indicates horse has been downgraded



Bicton Arena, East Budleigh, Yettington, Devon, United Kingdom, EX9 7BL

Grid reference SY062861


Owners passes are being emailed out directly to owners either today, Monday, or tomorrow.  If you require any further passes please contact Miranda Collett directly -
Riders and grooms passes to be collected on arrival at event.
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