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Level competing at:

Novice, Intermediate, CCI3*

About me:

I am passionate about eventing and aspire to be a professional eventer in the future. I currently event Hugo, my 16.2hh ISH - we have just stepped up to Intermediate - and Dizzee, my 16.3hh Hanoverian who I have brought on from 90 last year to just completed his 5th Novice this season! I have been so lucky to have wonderful support from my trainers and the BE community and I am passionate about helping other young riders to get into eventing and see what BE has to offer.

About my horses:

Hugo is a liver chestnut 16.2hh ISH and is bold and brave. We have been together a year and in that time he has taken me from BE100 to my first intermediate this year. He is a big softy and tries his hardest for me every time. His favourite phase (and mine!) is XC and I’m so excited to keep working up the levels with him. Dizzee is a gorgeous bright chestnut 16.3hh Hanoverian. I have been so lucky to have been given him on loan a year ago and together we have gone from BE90 to having just completed our 5th novice. I am especially proud of Dizzee as he had only ever been a dressage horse and was so scared of everything especially ditches and water. He has grown in confidence and literally is now flying! I have high hopes for Dizzee and think he will go all the way and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to buy him this year! Both my boys are 10 but I also have my first ever eventer Evan, who is a 19 yo Welsh D at home - he’s semi retired now but he literally taught me everything even though he’s a quirky monkey and he is my world. All my boys are chestnut which is totally a coincidence!

What is my favourite thing about eventing?

It has to be the cross country !! I absolutely love it and get such a huge thrill from it. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful BE venues. My favourite course has to be Bicton

Who inspires me?

So many eventers inspire me and are so encouraging when I meet them at events. I particularly look up to Mary King and Janelle Price. I am also lucky to have had some mentoring from Natasha Baker the gold Paralympic dressage rider and she is just incredible

What motivates me to event?

My mum and my friends have all made huge sacrifices so that I can pursue my dreams and give me so much encouragement that I try to do my best for them. I’ve had a roller coaster few years losing my horse Harry to cancer and my youngster mare has had so many near death episodes from colic but everyone has encouraged me to keep going. I want to give back to the sport and especially encourage those who may not have the same opportunities as me