Full or Supporter Memberships, Day or Training Tickets for Riders, Owners, Horses or Volunteers
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The Different Types of Membership Explained


BE boards dressageThere are several different types of British Eventing membership to suit your interest in the sport.  




You can ride and own a horse with British Eventing as either a Full Member, joining for a year, or by purchasing a Day Pass Membership  or Supporter Membership which entitles you to buy Day Passes to compete.

Step 1
Your first step to obtaining your membership is by creating a free Associate registration, whereby all your details are recorded on our database and you can then go on to choose to purchase a membership type.  

You can remain on the database as an Associate and get our monthly e-newsletters plus event information sent out to members.  

*Important Update* If you are under 18 or the parent or guardian of an under 18 member taking out a new membership, please read important details on parental consent now required for new under 18 members

Step 2 
Decide on the appropriate membership type for you from the list further down this page or on the left hand side menu.

Step 3 
If you are taking out a membership so you can ride and compete in BE competitions yourself, once you have chosen the appropriate membership you can then decide how to register your horse by purchasing either day passes or a season ticket.  

See the Horse Info page for full details and season ticket prices. 

For Riders

Full Individual Membership

This is the membership you need in order to compete as a rider throughout the season.  Membership is for a full, rolling year to the first of the month in which you join. Please see the table below for the benefits associated with this membership. A full member can also own horses.


Day Pass Membership

This is an annual membership entitling you to a members rule book and to be able to buy day and/or training passes during the year. The cost is £10 and once you have bought the membership you can buy passes during the season. The membership expires on 31st December each year.

Do you only want to compete on Day Passes?   Why not consider Supporter Membership? For just a little more (prices start at £25 per year by Direct Debit), you get the added benefits of a bi-monthly magazine, a membership card for entry to events up to CCI2* level and access to the our member discounts scheme.

Purchase Day Pass Membership.

Find out more about Supporter Membership.

For Owners

Individual Owner Membership

Is for sole owners of a horse who do not ride their horse in competitions.  For full benefits with this membership please see the table below.

Joint Owner

This is for two members owning a horse together but not riding.  For details of the membership benefits for the first member please see below.  The second member will receive a membership card only, please note our membership cards are valid for entry to events up to CCI*. 


If there are three or more owners of a horse then this is the membership you need. This is an owning membership only and none of the owners can ride with this membership. The first three members get the benefits shown below.  Any further members can be added for a £50 fee and they will receive the bi-monthly magazines and membership cards giving access to events up to CCI1* level.


Any company owning a horse needs to take up this membership.  There can be up to three named members who each receive the benefits listed below.  If the horse and rider are wearing company logos during competition a copy of the logo needs to be sent in to our Marketing department and the sizes for logos are in the Rule Book.  However, if your company is sponsoring a rider, but not owning the horse, then you need to take up a Company Supporter membership.


Supporter Individual/Supporter Company Membership

Supporter Individual:  if you are not an owner or rider but you would like to enjoy the sport of Eventing as a supporter then you can take up this membership. You get the bi-monthly magazines and a card for entry to events up to CCI2* level and access to the Member Advantages Scheme.

Supporter Company:  any company sponsoring a competing horse/rider where the company logo is being worn during competition will need this membership.  A copy of any logo being worn by horse or rider will need to be sent to our Marketing department and the sizes for the logos can be found in the current Members' Rule Book.


Our special offer for Supporter members to purchase the Rule Book for the reduced price of £5.00 expired on March 31st 2017. These can now only be purchased full price on www.britisheventing.com/shop

Details of Benefits for our various memberships can be seen in the table below.


Associate Registration

This is the free registration of a member on our database.  Once your details have been recorded you will be able to enter Baileys sponsored JAS and Jump Training competitions, enjoy one of our BE Accredited Training clinics and/or be a parent/guardian or go on to purchase a Membership. 



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Member benefits