Membership with BE Prices for 2011 & Paying by Direct Debit in 2012
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Membership Prices for 2017 & Direct Debit Information




Accepted credit and debit cards to purchase online from membership to day and season tickets with British Eventing



Membership prices for 2018




        Membership Type



Via the Office




 Direct Debit 



 Green Discount**

New Full  Individual   £150   £145         £135                   £15 off each price
Full  Individual Renewal   £135   £130         £120                  £15 off each price

Full Individual Renewal existing spread DD 


      £130 or         £32.50 month*

New Owner Individual     £105   £100         £ 95                     £15 off each price
Owner Individual Renewal    £ 90   £ 85         £ 80     £15 off each price
New Syndicate / Company   £245   £240         £230             n/a
Syndicate / Company Renewal   £230   £225         £215              n/a
Extra Syndicate members   £ 50     n/a         £ 40 n/a
New Joint Owners   £155   £150         £140              n/a
Joint Owners Renewal   £140   £135         £125               n/a
Supporter Member Individual ***   £ 35   £ 30          £ 25     n/a
Supporter Member Company ****   £ 35   £ 30          £ 25 n/a
Annual Day Membership   £ 10   £ 10   n/a


*  Includes £2.50 per month admin charge

**  Green membership is for two (Full or Owner) members at the same address, one member can opt to become the green member and does not receive the bi-monthly magazines.

***  Supporter Membership Individual is a non-owning, non-riding membership entitling the member to a vote at the AGM

**** Supporter Membership Company is for a company sponsoring horse/rider with logos being worn during competition

Spread your membership payments by Direct Debit in 2018

By taking up this option Full Individual Members will be able to make four equal payments (January-April 2018) for their membership fee.  In order to take advantage of this offer, members will need to have a renewal date of January 1st, so 2017 will be a year in which you can purchase your membership for the number of months necessary for it to end on 31st December 2017.  For example, if your renewal date is 1st April, you will renew your membership for 9 months and then start the new spread payments from January 2018.  If you are joining British Eventing for the first time you can purchase a new membership, any time after 1st January 2017, for the amount of months left to the end of December 2017. Your renewals each year will then be spread over the first four months of every year, unless you cancel the spread direct debit.

If you elect to pay by spread direct debit, there will be a £2.50 admin charge per month and if you are thinking of choosing spread direct debit payments for 2018 you will need to become a member before 16th December 2017, in order for the payments to be set up for 1st January 2018.

Payment by Spread Direct Debit can only be chosen once.  If your membership then lapses for any reason you will only be able to renew via the usual one-off payment direct debit option or by cheque/credit/debit card.

Cancelling spread direct debit payments must be done before 31st December each year. You can contact us or your bank to cancel the payment but if you cancel after the payment has been taken you will need to return your membership card to us and then we will refund the January payment less a £10 admin charge.


Direct Debit Refunds

Any refund on a direct debit payment will be subject to a £10 administration fee.  Refunds will be made when you return your membership card to us.


For an explanation of the Membership categories please click on Membership Types and Information tab on the left hand side menu.

Start your Membership here.