Details on Buying Day PassesTo Compete at One Event for Horse and Rider
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How To Purchase Day Passes for One Event


How to buy Day Passes to compete at one event



For Day Pass or Supporter Members wishing to compete at BE80(T) level only, you will only need to purchase a Horse Day Pass for each entry. You can compete in an unlimited number of BE80(T) classes using Horse Day Passes.

Day Pass and Supporter Members who would like to compete at BE90 to Intermediate Novice level using Day Passes will need to purchase both a Rider and Horse Day Pass for each entry. Riders may purchase a maximum of four Rider Day Passes in a season.

The Online Day Pass Processes


If horse or rider have never been registered with us before, or have never completed a free lifetime registration with us, then you need to:-
  • Click on My Details
  • Click on Register on the right hand side of that page
  • Input your details and activate your account
  • You have now completed your free associate registration
  • Click back on to My Details
  • You now need to get a equine registration for your horse -  click on  'Equine Registration' on the left hand side menu under My Details
  • Input the required information on your horse and send a copy of the name and breeding pages from the passport into the office
  • Click back on to My Details
  • Click on Purchase Day Pass from the left hand side menu under My Details and follow the process 
If Rider and/or horse have a lifetime registration number (i.e. evented with us before) follow the instructions below – if one half of the combination needs a lifetime number follow the process for the new registration detailed above:
  • Click on My Details 
  • Insert your User Name and Password
  • Click on Purchase Day Passes from the left hand side menu under My Details
Forgotten your User Name and Password?  
Please ring us on 02476 698857 or click on the link below the Log in boxes on the My Details page to be sent a reminder.

What to do if the Horse Has a Change of Owner

If your horse has been registered before but to a different owner you need to send in a completed change of ownership form to the office.  You can download one from Quick Links, Downloads, Membership Forms from the bar across the top of the page. As soon as we receive the completed form in the office we can change the ownership over.

Horse Passport Details

A copy of the name page and breeding page from the passport must be sent in to the office within 28 days of any new lifetime equine registration.  Failure to do this within 28 days will mean that the registration will be suspended and you will be unable to compete.

Paper Form for Day Pass Purchase

You can download a paper Day Pass Application Form or we can send you one from the office if you contact us on the numbers below.

Questions on Day Passes?

Click on Day Passes on the left hand menu on this page if you have any queries or ring the Membership Team on 02476 698857 or email us on
When you have bought your passes you will be emailed their numbers which are then used to make an entry. See How To  Make an Entry if you are not sure of what to do next.