Information on How Riders Make Entries to Compete at Events
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How to Make an Entry to Compete at an Event


How do I enter?

You can browse and select events in your area on the schedule pages.

Remember to apply for Membership or purchase your horse and rider Day or Training passes well in advance of the event.

Entries usually open approximately six weeks before the date of the event, so try to plan about two months in advance.


Entry procedure for One Day Events

Check the Fixtures and Results page on our website to decide which events you are going to enter.  Click on the name of the event to go onto the schedule page and scroll down to the Entries paragraph.  In the Classes and Fees table there may be a red Enter button by the class that you want to compete in, just click on the appropriate button to make your entry. Alternatively, there will be a link to the entry website, in the paragraph on Entries.  If you click on this link you can make your entry.

It is vital you enter all your details correctly as you may jeopardise your chances of getting in if the event has to ballot. All events take online entries and there are two online entry systems in use: either or


Postal Entries

For postal entries (download form), send your entry with a self-seal stamped addressed envelope and cheque to the Entries Secretary's address, not the Organiser, or as detailed in the schedule. Remember to send in your entry well before the ballot date and remember that oversubscribed events will ballot on that date, which is well before the closing date for entries.

After the close of entries, you will receive an email (or letter in the case of postal entries) with confirmation of your entry, number and section. Check that these details are correct, note any special information and keep it in a safe place, as you will need your number when you check online or phone for your start times.


Once you have entered you are expected to compete unless you need to withdraw for some reason. If you withdraw before the ballot date you will receive a full refund.

The full refund policy will be published in the event schedule. Also check the Withdrawals Rule in the BE Rule Book.


A number of events are extremely popular and need to ballot because they are over-subscribed. Each horse season or half-season ticket is issued with ballot numbers for each specified ballot period during the season plus two super ballot numbers for use during that season.

Full Members

If there is a particular event where you wish to compete, use your ballot number for that month (use the ballot sticker if postal). This will give you priority over those who have not used one. Make sure that your entry arrives well before the ballot date. Your chances of getting an entry will be optimised if you are as flexible as possible, for example, if you are able to do your dressage the day before.

Day Passes

These entries will have no priority in the event of a ballot. However full BE members with Day Pass horses will take precedence over non-members. If you are balloted out or have to withdraw prior to the published ballot date, your entry will be refunded.

Wait Lists

Some over-subscribed events may set up a wait list, details of which you will find in the event's schedule.

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