Information on How to Buy a Season Ticket for an Eventing Horse
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Registering a horse / purchasing a Season Ticket


Tickets for horses that have never evented

If your horse has never evented with BE before, either on Day (or Training) Passes or on a Full or Part season ticket, then you will need to follow the online process below.  A Horse Season Ticket is valid from January to December or a Half Season Ticket from July to December. 
You will need to be a Full Individual Member or Owner member in order to buy a Season Ticket for your horse.  Season Tickets can be bought for the following season from December 1st each year (subject to change for the 2019 season) and Half Season Tickets from 18th May each year.

If your horse has been registered before or has competed on Day (or Training) Passes in the same season, you need to follow the renewal process from the left hand menu. 

Register a horse

Please follow the bullet points below to register your horse:

  • Click on Membership then My Details 
  • Log in
  • Click on Equine Registration from the left hand menu
  • Input your horse's details
  • Click back to My Details
  • You now have an Equine Registration for that horse (and can now buy tickets and passes) 
    This process needs to be repeated for each horse that you wish to register.

Buy a Season Ticket

  • To buy a Full Season or Half Season Ticket - click My Details again and scroll down the page until you see the horse's  name
  • Click on Purchase on the right hand side of the page
  • Follow the process through to the end of the buying stage  


Horse Passport Details

  • Send in a copy of the name page and breeding details from the passport.
  •  Send in a copy of a performance printout from the country of origin, if your horse is   imported.
  • You can fax/email or post these details in to the office. 
    You have 28 days to send them in, after which time your ticket will be cancelled or suspended and you will be unable to compete. If your horse is foreign you will not be able to make any entries or compete until you have sent the passport details in.
You have now bought a ticket for the horse and can start on the fun part and make some entries (please see How To  Make an Entry, if you are unsure what to do next).  If you click on the Horse Season Ticket page on the left you will find some information on vaccinations, heights of horses, ballot numbers etc. 
Paper Form
You can download a season ticket form or we can send you one from the office. Please remember that there is a £5 extra charge for processing the forms in the office.

Rule Book
Please consult the rule book for full details on horse rules.

Click on Horse Info from the left hand side menu if you have any queries, or ring the Membership team on 024 7669 8857 or email us on

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