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Safety Research and Development Programs


British Eventing Risk Management Strategy 2014-2016



“To be the world leader in all aspects of safety in the sport of Eventing.”



“To explore and embrace new technologies and develop them to make a safer sport."



To maintain the sport of Eventing as an exciting and challenging test of all round horsemanship and ensure that responsible riders are participating with progressively trained horses in order not to be exposed to a higher risk than is inherent to the nature of the sport.




  • Explore the opportunities of working with ground experts
  • Build on the free issue of Frangible Pins and explore the possibility of offering reverse pin kits
  • Review the 10 years of Fence and Fall Data



  • Review and update the BE Cross Country Guidelines
  • Review and edit Frangible Pin Manual
  • Develop an initiative to encourage riders to renew their hats regularly and after a heavy fall
  • Develop and improve the ways that Horses and Riders are highlighted that need training and link with T&E Program
  • Work on project with the Pendulum Tester looking at different ways of fixing portable fences and the forces that each method can withstand



  • Work with T&E to develop a simple Fall Training programme for riders to learn how to react in a fall.
  • Safety Road Shows designed to show people what BE do and also to encourage innovation and new ideas that may be used to contribute to safety within the sport in the future



  • Work with IT to link recorded falls with the results on the BE Database
  • Move data collection forward incorporating new data capture technology including photographs of each fence



  • Actively looking for potential support and funding for research that may be available
  • Build on the partnerships with TRL and ADHQ as our expert advisors in the analysis of data and development and testing of new ideas. Explore working with other 3rd parties including the FEI and other National Federations on specific projects that can contribute to the improvement of Horse and Rider safety and welfare
  • Veterinary – proactively obtain information on horse injuries and fatalities and explore whether course design, the use of certain materials, and ground conditions contribute to any particular type of injuries with the aim of reducing the number of horse injuries in the sport
  • Final testing and development of the Second Generation Pin
  • Complete field trials and development Reverse Pinning and Rail Restraint
  • Continue safety projects to investigate new safety mechanisms
  • Continued Safety Audit by TRL to validate the data collected


British Eventing also helps improve Safety globally through its Safety Partnership with the University of Kentucky, with whom it shares both data and research.


Did you know ? In the last six years....

  • There have been 316,217 cross country starters
  • 6,342,340 cross country fences have been jumped
  • There is only a 0.13% risk of serious injury from a fall