Event Newsflash - 27/04/2018

Event all set to go ahead!

Posted noon Friday 27th April

Whilst there has been some rain, the ground is good and we are looking forward to a full day of competition.


Spaces Available

We have the following withdrawn spaces available: 1 x BE80 1 x BE90 2 x BE100. Please email the Entries Secretary if you would like one of these spaces.
Withdrawals to the Entries Secretary please. Withdrawn entries can only be refunded if we can replace your entry – refunds will be applied in the order in which entries were withdrawn.

We appreciate the horses may not have had many runs so far this season and have been mindful of that with the course design

BE80(T) competitors are invited to join their coach, Sarah Thorne, for a free guided XC course walk at 1130 - meet at the start. Sarah will also be at the SJ course walk at 1300. If you can't make these, she can be located in the dressage or SJ warmup,= where she will be very happy to answer questions and help in any way. She will be wearing a "BE Coach" tabard.

To help you plan your day, the show-jumping course walk breaks are listed below. As always, these may change if the arena is not running to time so do listen for announcements. BE90 before 0940 and at 1100. BE80(T) at 1300 (guided walk with your coach Sarah Thorne) and at 1430. BE100 at 1530.
Course Walking:
The Cross Country will be ready for walking from 2pm onwards on Friday 27th April.


BE90 Section ASat 08.3009.4010.30
BE90 Section BSat 08.3009.4010.30
BE90 Section CSat 08.3009.4010.30
BE80(T) Section DSat 10.3013.2014.00
BE80(T) Section ESat 10.3013.2014.00
BE100 Section FSat 11.3015.4516.20
BE100 Open Section G14.0015.4516.20


Sponsored by Bond Timber & WH Bond
at Port Eliot, St Germans, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 5ND, United Kingdom
Saturday 28 April 2018

Event Schedule

  • Organiser - Miss Tamsyn M Hutchins
    Tregastick Cottage, Tregastick, Widegates, Cornwall, PL13 1PZ. Mobile: 07966 788408. Email: porteliothorsetrials@gmail.com.
  • Entries Secretary - Miss Emma Bryant
    Caberfeidh, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 3PX. Mobile: 07821 072436. Email: elbsolutions@outlook.com.
  • XC Course Designer - Willis Bros


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