Event Newsflash - 24/07/2018

Entries Update 18/7/18

The BE100 Sunday is now closed. There are still spaces available in the BE100 on Saturday.

All areas will be equivated - warm up and arenas, and sand will be placed on necessary landings. The majority of the site has plenty of grass and anywhere that hasn't will be heavily equivated. All reasonable things will be done to present the best ground.

Preparations are going well. The ground is firm - as it is everywhere - but we already have 25 tonnes of sand, the equivator is booked and I will springtine harrow, which improves the equivating. All is on old turf and I am using area for the cross country that has not been used before.

ON Section ASat 08.30Sat 10.00Sat 11.00
Nov Section BSat 08.30Sat 10.00Sat 11.00
Nov Section CSat 08.30Sat 10.00Sat 11.00
BE100 Section DSat 10.30Sat 13.00Sat 14.00
BE100 Section ESat 10.30Sat 13.00Sat 14.00
BE100 Open Section FSat 11.00Sat 13.00Sat 14.00
BE100 Plus Section GSat 13.00Sat 15.45Sat 16.20
Int Section HSun 08.30Sun 10.00Sun 11.00
Int Section ISun 08.30Sun 10.00Sun 11.00
OIu21 Section JSun 08.30Sun 10.00Sun 11.00
OI Section KSun 08.30Sun 10.00Sun 11.00
Nov Section LSun 10.00Sun 12.50Sun 13.45
Nov Section MSun 10.00Sun 12.50Sun 13.45
BE100 Section NSun 10.30Sun 15.00Sun 15.50



by kind permission of the Earl of Pembroke and Trustees of the Wilton House Trust
at Wilton Park, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 8PX, United Kingdom
Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 July 2018

Event Schedule

  • Organiser - Anthony Ffooks
    Church Farm, Lamyatt, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6NP. Phone: 01749 812994. Email: ant@lamyatt.demon.co.uk. Web: http://www.wiltonhorsetrials.co.uk Mobile numbers on site: 07779 588274 (Anthony) or 07855 593505 (Lindsay)
  • Entries Secretary - Emma Bryant
    Caberfeildh, Caberfeidh, Hemyock, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 3PX, United Kingdom. Phone: 07821 072436. Mobile: 07821 072436. Email: elbsolutions@outlook.com. Email communication preferred
  • SJ Course Designer - Matt Hoskins
  • XC Course Designer - Anthony Ffooks & James Willis


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