Event Details


at Eland Lodge, Draycott-in-the-Clay, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 5HD, United Kingdom
Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 April 2019

Event Schedule

Entries Open 08 Mar 2019
Late Entry Surcharge Date 01 Apr 2019
Ballot Date 26 Mar 2019 @ 12 noon
Ballot Period April
  • Organiser - Mr John Coupland
    Eland Lodge Equestrian, Newborough Road, Draycott-in-the-Clay, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 5HD. Phone: 01283 575856. Mobile: 07971 674674. Email: john@elandlodge.com.
  • Entries Secretary - Donna Aldridge
    Eland Lodge Equestrian, Newborough Road, Draycott-in-the-Clay, Derbyshire, DE6 5HD. Phone: 01283 575856. Email: events@elandlodge.com.
  • SJ Course Designer - Nick Staines
  • XC Course Designer - Stuart Buntine

Classes & Fees

ClassDaysDressage TestEntry FeeAbandon PremiumTotal PayableLate Entry Surcharge FeeStarting Fee
BE90Sat BE 95 (2012)£70.36£7.56£77.92£89.92£15.00
BE100Sat Sun BE 106 (2012)£70.36£7.56£77.92£89.92£15.00
BE100OpenSat BE 106 (2012)£70.36£7.56£77.92£89.92£15.00
NSun N 110 (2012)£85.78£9.22£95.00£107.00£15.00
ONSun N 110 (2012)£85.78£9.22£95.00£107.00£15.00
BE100Ou18Sun BE 106 (2012)£70.36£7.56£77.92£89.92£15.00
ONu18Sun N 114 (2016)£85.78£9.22£95.00£107.00£15.00

Event Information


Eland Lodge reserves the right to move competitors in non-open sections to open sections of a class. 


INTERNET ENTRIES are preferred and will be accepted on www.bdwp.co.uk.  Entry fees include VAT. Postal Entries - Please make cheques payable to Eland Lodge Equestrian Ltd. Separate cheques are required for each horse (with horse's name on back).

ENTRIES AMENDMENTS by 12 noon on 8th April 2019 on 01283 575856.

REFUND POLICY: As per Rule 4.11. 100% refund for entries withdrawn before Ballot Date. Thereafter, 100% refund less £12 admin charge, if replaced from the class Wait List. If the event is oversubscribed a WAIT LIST will be held. 

STARTING TIMES are available on 11th April between 14:00 and 17:00 on 01283 575856 and on www.bdwp.co.uk.


Temporary Stabling is available onsite, please book online when making your entry. The cost is £50 for the first night (£20 per additional night) and includes a £10 refundable deposit once the stable has been checked. Bedding is not provided. Onsite stabling will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Stabling cancelled prior to Ballot day will receive a full refund. Thereafter, only if the stable can be resold. If the event is cancelled, a full refund of unused stabling will be made.


BE100 Open under 18 (BE100 Ou18).
Open Novice under 18 (ONu18).


BE90: Prizes in kind 
BE100: Prizes in kind
Novice: Lower limit


The Eland Lodge cross country course is situated in the rolling Staffordshire countryside with both open mature grassland and woodland forming discrete areas of the course. At the meeting of two brooks the site is a natural amphitheatre giving spectators the ability to see almost all of the course from the viewing point. All of the obstacles are built to the highest possible standards with permanent fences having all weather take offs and landings to aid horse and rider safety. Photographs of the various fences can be seen, by visiting our website at www.elandlodge.com. The show jumping phase will take place on the Andrews Bowen Pro Wax Olympic Mix all weather surface. SJ Course Designer Nick Staines. XC Course Designer Stuart Buntine


Refreshments available throughout the event. Accommodation list is available from events@elandlodge.com


In case of ABANDONMENT please phone 01283 575856.

ALL TERRAIN VEHICLES/motorcycles will NOT be permitted except those used by authorised officials.

ENTRANCE POLICY - Passes are not required as there is no charge for entrance. DOGS must be kept on leads at all times.

VOLUNTEERS - Please indicate in your entry 'notes and requests' box on www.bdwp.co.uk if you are volunteering at Eland Lodge, you will receive special ballot consideration. All Volunteers will receive a schooling voucher, please contact events@elandlodge.com to volunteer.


Grid reference SK141278.  For detailed maps refer to www.elandlodge.com