The competition levels

The sport is split into National and International competition levels. 

The National levels

  • BE80(T) is the introductory level of the sport, the maximum height of show jumping fences are 85cm and 80cm for cross country fences. The 'T' stands for training, and competitors have access to a BE Accredited Coach at all events running these classes. 
  • BE90 level competition sees a maximum height show jump at 95cm and the cross country is a maximum of 90cm. 
  • BE100 classes have a maximum height show jumping of 105cm and cross country of 100cm.
  • BE100 Plus classes are a step up from BE100 before BE105, they have a Novice level dressage test but a BE105 level show jumping and BE100 level cross country
  • BE105 is a bridge between BE100 and Novice classes. The dressage test is Novice level and the maximum height of fences for the show jumping is 110cm and for the cross country is 105cm. 
  • Novice (N) level classes have a maximum height of fences for the show jumping at 115cm, and cross country fences with a maximum height of 110cm.
  • Intermediate Novice (IN) bridges the gap between Novice and Intermediate with an Intermediate level dressage test and show jumping course (at a maximum height of 120cm), but a Novice level cross country course.
  • Intermediate (I) level show jumping fences are a maximum of 125cm, and cross country fences are a maximum height of 115cm. 
  • Advanced Intermediate (AI) classes have an Advanced level dressage test, show jumping course at a maximum height of 130cm and an Intermediate level cross country course.
  • Advanced level (A) is the top level of National eventing competition. The maximum height of show jumping fences are 1.30cm, and on cross country, the maximum height is 1.20cm.

Special class codes

Next to some British Eventing classes you will see special class codes:

Open - These are special classes for horses that have British Eventing Points. Horses win BE Points at Novice level and above and there are some restrictions on the number of points a horse can have on its record in order to be able to compete in certain classes. Open classes do not have restrictions on the number of points a horse has. Displayed as BE90Open, ON, OI etc. 

5YO - These classes are restricted to five year old horses, find out more HERE

U18 - Classes restricted to riders in the year of their 18th birthday or younger

U21 - Classes restricted to riders in the year of their 21st birthday or younger 

U25 - Classes restricted to riders in the year of their 25th birthday or younger

BC - A British Championship class

PC - Classes for members of the Pony Club

PT - A Pony Trial, restricted to eligible ponies and riders, find out more HERE

AE - This is an Arena Eventing competition, find out more HERE

JT - This is a Jump Training competition, find out more HERE

WL - Is a wait list. If a class gets over subscribed, some organisers run a wait list.



The International levels

Coming into effect from the beginning of 2019, the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) have renamed the international classes. The new nomenclature can be found in the table below.

S = Short

L = Long 

Relating to the difference in the length of the cross country course.

New class code from 2019 Previously known as Maximum Height
CCI1*-Intro New introductory level 1.05m
CCI2*-S CIC1* 1.10
CCI2*-L CCI1* 1.10
CCI3*-S CIC2* 1.15
CCI3*-L CCI2* 1.15
CCI4*-S CIC3* 1.20
CCI4*-L CCI3* 1.20
CCI5*-L CCI4* 1.30
Olympic Games and WEG - Special category Olympic Games and WEG 1.30

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Our Championships

British Eventing has a range of series and Championships to aim for at a variety of levels. These include the Science Supplements Cup run at BE90 and BE100 level at Badminton Horse Trials, and the Restricted Novice for amateur riders at the Festival of British Eventing.

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