What is Eventing?

Eventing is the ultimate equestrian challenge comprised of dressage, show jumping and cross country. It can be likened to a triathlon, with horses and riders demonstrating a range of skills across the three disciplines. To compete successfully in eventing combinations must show harmony and rhythm in the dressage, balance and precision in the show jumping and accuracy and bravery in the cross country phase. The combination with the lowest penalty score at the end of the event is the winner. As horses and riders move up the levels, the difficulty and technicality of the phases increases. Riders can compete from the year of their 12th birthday and there is no upper age limit.

Why compete with BE?

British Eventing invests much time and money in the research and implementation of safety initiatives. When you enter a BE affiliated event you know it will be set to the highest standards in the sport. BE competitions are carefully regulated with close consideration of rules and discipline.

The competition levels

Eventing is accessible for all abilities, with competitions tailored to suit those just starting out through to the more established combinations competing at the highest level. Series and Championships are held at various levels throughout the season.

Who can compete with BE?

Riders must be in the year of their 12th birthday or older to compete with British Eventing and horses must be at least five years old (unless they are competing in the specific four year old classes). To compete at BE80(T) and BE90 level, horses must be 132cm. For national pony classes, ponies must be at least 142cm and not exceed 148cm without shoes. 

For more information view the BE Rules and Members' Handbook

Guide to eventing

For more information on getting started with British Eventing, the Guide to Eventing is the perfect read. With details on what to expect, what to wear and where to go, you'll feel prepared to start your eventing journey.