Volunteer awards

British Eventing values the contribution that all volunteers make to our sport, whether as officials, organisers, fence judges, dressage writers, score collectors or the many other people who help make an event successful. Organisers, BE officials and field staff can nominate volunteers they feel are worthy of recognition in a number of ways. They can nominate in the three categories below or for a BE Award for Outstanding Contribution. 

The three categories for volunteer award nomination:

  • Volunteer of the Year - awarded to any volunteer at a BE event, from Organising Committee member to collecting ring steward or car park marshal, who has really shone in their efforts to make an event possible.
  • Young Volunteer of the Year - awarded to any volunteer under the age of 25 at a BE event, in whatever capacity, for the younger person making an extraordinary or innovative contribution to the sport.
  • Fence Judge of the Year - awarded or either a single person or a couple at a BE event, who deserve recognition for their dedication to their role of Fence Judge and for their significant contribution throughout the year.

Recipients receive an Award Certificate and an Award Badge.

The British Eventing Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Sport

As BE's highest commendation, this award is made to those people who, by their outstanding leadership, dedication and support over a number of years, have made a significant contribution to the success of our sport. Presentations are arranged to suit the recipients, and they receive an Award Certificate and Award Badge.

If you wish to nominate someone for an award please contact your Regional Coordinator or Regional Development Officer.