Our audience

British Eventing has a distinctive audience of passionate and engaged people who represent a high percentage of all upmarket CAMEO socio economic groups. 

The largest research project into eventing audiences ever undertaken by British Eventing in conjunction with data-driven sports marketing agency Two Circles in 2017 had the following findings:

Eventing audiences are:

Affluent and female
BE Purchasers are predominantly female (75 per cent) and affluent, with 53 per cent from the most upmarket household classifications. 

Passionate and engaged
78 per cent of fans say their number one motivation for attending events is their love of the sport, scoring it an 8.7 out of 10 (the UK average for sports is 7.9).

Brand disposed
53 per cent of fans have a more favourable opinion of brands partnering with the sport with 36 per cent more likely to buy sponsors' brands and services. 

Clear on brand choices
Beyond equestrian goods and services, eventing audiences choose brands that offer 'affordable luxury' and 'functional quality'. 

For a detailed insight into our audiences and their behaviour, view our Commercial Content Guide to Eventing

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