How much land do I need?
For a BE90, BE100 or Novice one day event, good access for cars and horse boxes is essential. Approximately three acres is needed for a suitable car parking area, lorry park and administrative area for tents, caravans and trade stands. The dressage arenas and warm-up area will amount to at least two acres of relatively flat ground, and the show jumping arena, practice arena and collecting ring will require at least another acre. The most difficult part to quantify is the ground required for the cross country course. Sufficient suitable land for a course of 1 - 1.75 miles (1,600m - 2,800m) is needed. There are a few very good events fitted into an area with as few as 100 acres. An Intermediate or Advanced event, of course, requires more land.

The landowner has said that he would like me to run an event. How does this sort of arrangement operate?
This is frequently the case. Somewhat naturally the success of it is almost entirely dependent on a successful relationship being established between the organiser of the event and the landowner. It is strongly recommended that an agreement be drawn up between the two parties from an early stage regardless of how well they knew each other. For guidance on this please contact sport@britisheventing.com

If I can arrange a suitable amount of land and am prepared to take on the organisation myself, what assistance can BE offer me?
Once BE is satisfied that there is a potentially suitable organisation and site available for a new event, it will provide expert advice throughout the planning stages of the event. As soon as the new event is affiliated to BE, an extremely comprehensive guide will be sent to the new organiser called Guidelines for organisers. This publication seeks to cover every question a new organiser can think of! In addition, BE is responsible for the safe conduct of the event, for enforcing the rules and for resolving objections.

If I am the organiser of the event myself, do I need a committee?
We advise that you establish a committee to share the financial and collective responsibility for the new event, but you may prefer to run a more autonomous organisation personally. It is essential to delegate as much as possible. Each of the three phases must be delegated to a steward who is made entirely responsible for that phase. Similarly, you are advised to delegate the omnibus schedule and entries to the secretary, and you are strongly advised to find a competent treasurer. In addition, publicity and sponsorship should, if possible, be delegated to someone with experience in these fields. Frankly, there is almost no end to the amount of delegation required for a successful event.

Are there any health and safety implications?
Yes, but they are all explained in the Rules and Guidelines. Much of it is already covered by the suggested way of running your event and the rest is largely informed common sense.