Course Builders and Designers

British Eventing Accredited course designers and course builders deliver cross country courses to the highest standards expected in the sport. Their courses provide an appropriate challenge for riders at specific levels. 

Accredited Categories

Course Builders

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There are four levels of British Eventing Accredited Course Builder that differentiate the level at which they are able to build:

Platinum = Can build courses at any level 
Gold = Can build courses at all levels except as a lead builder at 4* and 5* level
Silver = Can build up to and including Intermediate level courses
Bronze = (restricted) - Can build up to and including Novice courses, at own venue only

Course Designers

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Accredited course designers are divided into three basic categories, differentiating the level at which they can design courses:

List A = Can design Advanced courses
List B = Can design up to and including Intermediate courses
List C =  Can design up to and including BE100 courses

Course builders and designers are split into having either professional or restricted status (with the exception of Bronze level builders, who are all restricted due to their level of experience). A professional builder or designer can build or design at more than one event venue, while a restricted builder or designer can only build or design at one venue or at nominated venues under the mentorship of a BE Accredited builder or designer at a higher level, or a Technical Adviser (TA)

List of Accredited Course Builders

List of Accredited Course Designers

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