Jodie Neill

About Jodie





Level competing at:

BE80(T), Intermediate, CCI3*

About me:

I am a full-time cosmetic dentist working at Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth, Scotland. I have recently bought my first house with land and stables to have my horses at home. I have 3 horses, a pony, 15 rescue hens, 2 pygmy goats, 2 spaniels and 2 rescue cats!

About my horses:

I have 2 event horses - Quantum Clover Gold (Pops) and my new 5 year old Monbeg Breeze (Blossom). I also have a very cute Welsh Section A called Hamish as a companion for the girls!

I have owned Pops since a 5 year old, and we have worked out way up the levels together. She is a cross-country machine and loves her job! She is a fierce competitor and has so much scope it's unreal. I feel like I'm just scratching the surface with her. She is my horse of a lifetime and I feel hugely honoured that she's mine.

Blossom came into my life 6 months ago and I'm really enjoying the challenge of a young horse again. She is very different to Clover, much more of a blood horse with lots of presence. I'm excited to get to know her!

What is my favourite thing about eventing?

The family that Eventing has created is amazing. Most of my best friends are involved in the Eventing world, and I love that. I can genuinely say I live, breathe, sleep Eventing - the ultimate geek! Nothing makes me happier than a 5* weekend, a new Equiratings Podcast or when British Eventing Life arrives in the post. I wouldn't be a true Eventer without saying I'm truly addicted to the feeling of going cross country! There's no feeling like the nerves as you wait in the start box, but no elation like when you finish (and clear) - it helps that I'm sat on a cross country machine!

Who inspires me?

In the Eventing world...Piggy French. She has had so many lows in her career including the Olympics, Championship injuries, etc but I couldn't have been happier to watch her win her first 5* at Badminton and all with such humility. On a personal level, my parents are hugely inspirational. They have grafted and sacrificed our whole lives and I'm immensely grateful to them.

What motivates me to event?

The horse I'm so fortunate to sit on! She makes it all feel do-able, jump-able, within her capabilities. Nothing makes me happier than Eventing her, and it always has, at all levels. I like goal setting and that's what motivates me to ride, even when it's pouring with rain (a common occurrence in Scotland!).