Ellie Healy

About Ellie





Level competing at:

BE105, Novice

About me:

I’m Ellie and I’m 17 years old, alongside my riding I am at school studying A level Biology, Chemistry and PE aswell as being a student at Hartpury college on the DISE (Diploma in sporting excellence) course. I have been riding for as long as I can remember and I have been very lucky to have support from my whole family and I feel especially lucky to have my mum help me as she competed up to 3* level (old) herself. For some reason I found the love for our crazy sport when I was about 8 years old on my old 13hh pony, who was never very good at dressage but was just amazing XC so gave me so much confidence and enjoyment and I’ve just never wanted to stop! My biggest achievement so far is being part of the Gold medal winning 2018 Pony European team on my home produced pony.

About my horses:

My current horse is a 9 year old 16.2 bay mare called Vogue. She is very beautiful and smart but definitely has a mind of her own. I got her in January this year and we have had successful runs in the BE100’s we did picking up a few placings, and then we have stepped up to Novice which has proved much more difficult than I expected however we have recently jumped double clear at Rockingham ONU18 so hopefully we are on the right path - but I am learning lots and I guess that’s all that matters (and we are still managing to have fun!!)

What is my favourite thing about eventing?

My favourite thing is probably the people you meet through all the different programmes, training days etc and I have met some of my closest friends through Eventing and have also met some of the top riders who are all so generous with their time and knowledge and I just find it so inspiring!

Who inspires me?

Piggy French. Her recent win at badminton just proved to me why she is my inspiration! To come back from all the set backs she has had is so impressive and she always seems so great full for everything she has. She is very impressive riding XC and I could sit and watch her go round all day!

What motivates me to event?

I just want to keep getting better and improving each time out. I really want to get to the level that my mum reached and just keep going up the levels with my friends.