BE90 Regional Team Challenge

British Eventing’s BE90 Regional Team Challenge is a brand new team competition for adult riders at BE90 level, hosted at Weston Park (2), Shropshire, on a day between 12 to 13 October 2019 – exact day of competition is to be confirmed. Kindly sponsored by Rowen Barbary

This new competition opportunity, designed especially for adult riders at the grassroots levels of the sport, will see riders competing for their region as part of a team of five. Each team will proudly wear their regional colours which have been sponsored by Super X Country


Who can compete in the Regional Team Challenge?

To be eligible for the Regional Team Challenge:

Riders must:

Horse and Rider combinations must:

  • Be eligible to compete at BE90 level
  • Have achieved two double clears at BE90 level since 1st January 2018
  • Have attended a minimum of one BE Accredited Training courses between the 1st January 2018 and the 1st August 2019 (Jump Training is a competition and does not count towards attendance at BE Training for the Regional Team Challenge)
  • Not have competed at the Science Supplements Cup
  • Not have completed more than five BE100 classes since 1st January 2018 or qualified for a BE100 Regional Final in this period

Further rules:

  • The competition will run under British Eventing rules as per the BE Rules and Members’ Handbook
  • The qualifying period is now from the 1st January 2018 to the 1st August 2019.
  • The horse and rider’s cumulative foundation points from their three best runs within the qualifying criteria will be taken as a total and those 5 applicants with the best total will be the team. In the event of equality the combination’s placings within the competing section will have points awarded on a sliding scale where 1st =10 points, 2nd=8 points, 3rd =6 points, 4th=4 points, 5th=2 points and 6th-10th = 1 point. In the event of further equality the combination’s overall competing record will be considered
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to provide details of their two qualifying runs by the closing date of application (12th August 2019), which will then be verified.

How can I enter the Regional Team Challenge?

Riders wanting to compete in the BE90 Regional Team Challenge can apply online. Five combinations for each region, plus two non-travelling reserves will be selected from eligible applicants. Applications close at midnight on the 12 August 2019.

Don't know which region you're in? Take a look at the region maps HERE.

Looking for more information? Contact your region's RDO HERE.


The competition

Eight regional teams made up of five combinations will compete against each other at Weston Park (2), Shropshire, on one day between the 12-13 October – exact day of competition is to be confirmed. Each team of five will allow for one drop score, and the team with the lowest cumulative score will be crowned the inaugural British Eventing BE90 Regional Team Challenge Champions 2019.

Which region am I in?