Team Challenge


In 2020 we took on Board feedback from the Grassroots Rider Working Group and adapted the Team Challenge concept for 2020. We had hoped that in 2021 we could revisit the full pilot with qualification events taking place throughout the season which would qualify teams for the final at Weston Park on 9th & 10th October.

The uptake for the Team Challenge Qualifiers has been limited and therefore we have again agreed that for 2021, the Team Challenge will be a direct-entry at Weston Park (2).

We hope that this will give riders additional time to get their friends together to form teams, and we look forward to revisiting the full pilot in the future!

What is the Team Challenge?

The Team Challenge is a new team competition for riders in their 19th year of birth and above. The Team Challenge will take place at two levels – teams can either contest the BE80(T) or BE90 Open Team Challenge. Teams will be made up of four combinations (minimum of three) and ten teams will be accepted to compete at each level.

How do I create a team?

Part of the fun of the Team Challenge is putting your own team together, either with existing friends or with new ones! If you would like to find additional members of a team you can use our dedicated Team Challenge Facebook Group.

Do I have to be a BE member to take part?

Yes, in 2020 riders were required to be Full members and horses needed to have a half or a full horse season pass. You did not need to be a paid member at the time of applying, only at the point of making the entry. Each team member did have to be registered on the BE system before applying, if they hadn't competed with BE before - riders could register details on our system HERE, and you can find information on registering your horse HERE. Eligibility and qualification details for the 2021 Team Challenge will be published in due course.


2020 Team Championships Results

View the full round up for the championships HERE.


BE80TC Team Results

BE90TC Team Results (section D)

BE90TC Team Results (section E)

Selecting your teams

Gather your friends and family members into a team (maximum of four, minimum of three), or join our designated Facebook group to help you connect with new teammates!