BE90 Regional Youth Programme

This programme is run at BE90 Open level and is designed to provide experience for riders competing against their own age group while being both fun and educational. It will also provide a stepping stone up to BE100 Open Regional Youth Programme, and with continued performance developments; the Pony Trials, the Pony Squad and the Open Novice Regional Youth Programme.

Who can join the BE90 Open Regional Youth Programme?

The BE90 Regional Youth Programme is open to all eligible members who have their 12th to 18th birthday in the current year. In order to compete in BE90 Open Under 18 (BE90Ou18) classes riders must also meet the minimum eligibility requirements (MERs) for BE90, which can be found in the BE Members' Handbook.

How much does it cost to join the Programme?

Registration onto the Programme costs £27 per combination. The fee is an annual charge for each combination entitling them to register on as many of the programmes as they choose, which is valid until 31 December 2021. At registration, riders select the Programmes that they wish to engage with as a combination. If combinations wish to join additional programmes as the season progresses, that will also be possible under the same registration fee. 

Register for the BE90 Open Regional Youth Programme HERE.

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BE90 Regional Youth Programme 2021

Ready to move to BE100 level?

The BE100 Regional Youth Programme is for riders aged 18 or under already competing at, or looking to progress to, BE100 level. Providing training and competition opportunities, the programme will develop combinations hoping to compete at the Regional Youth Team Championships, run at BE100 Open level.

BE90 U18 Classes and Regional Youth Team Championship

Regional Classes

The country is divided into eight regions, each with its own regional team of volunteers and coaches. Riders are required to register for their region to compete in BE90Ou18 classes. Each region will wherever possible hold a minimum of six qualifying BE90Ou18 competitions for each selection period, where riders have the opportunity to be considered for selection for their regional team and potentially compete in the BE90 Open Regional Youth Team Championship in July. 

Riders competing in these classes have the opportunity to attend course walks and receive warm up support from the experienced team of Regional Youth Coaches.

The BE90 Open Regional Youth Team Championship

Held at BE90 Open level, the BE90 Open Regional Youth Team Championships sees each of the eight regions enter a team of up to 10 riders, with the best four scores at the end of the competition counting as the regional team score. Riders also compete individually.

Rules for the BE90 Open Regional Youth Team Championship


The selection policy for the next BE90Ou18 Regional Youth Team Championship will be published on this page once available.


The BE90Ou18 Regional Team Championship eligibility information is available in the BE Rules and Members Handbook.

How to register an under 18 member

Selection Policy

About the Regional Team Championships


If you have any queries about the BE Regional Youth Programme please call 02476 698857 or email