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Level competing at:

Aiming for BE100

About me:

My name is Emily and I’m an 18 year old student. I’ve been riding since I was 3 and I’m currently on a gap year to focus on my eventing. I consider myself a dedicated and determined rider and pride myself on being optimistic through all highs and lows!

About my horse:

Luna is a 8 year old palomino Irish Draught X. She’s a typical case of ‘I say jump, she says ‘how high?’ and has never let me down - even on her bad days, she always gives 110% and I’m very grateful for her faultless attitude!

What is my favourite thing about eventing?

My favourite thing about eventing has got to be the feeling of flying over the last cross country jump, galloping to the finish, and seeing my number one fan (Mum!) come rushing over to congratulate Luna on bringing me home safe!

Who inspires me?

Mark Todd and Micheal Jung

What motivates me to event?

Eventing is such a mixture of physical and mental exertions, and the culmination of weeks of hard work, into a fun and exciting day. Whilst we all have bad days, we have just as many good days and it gives me a huge sense of pride and achieve to see my horse flourish and know that I played a large part in making the achievements of that particular event a reality.