Amy Smith

About Amy




South Yorkshire

Level competing at:

BE90, BE100

About me:

I learned to ride when I was 10 years old by helping out at my local riding school in return for lessons. I was never lucky enough to have my own pony and fell in love with eventing when I first went to watch the cross country at Badminton back in 1995. I trained to be a riding instructor and spent some time working on yards and eventually bought my own horse when I was 24. I finally fulfilled my childhood dream when I started eventing in 2015 and haven't looked back since! Horses have always been such a huge part of my life and they definitely get me through the ups and downs that life throws my way.

About my horses:

I am lucky enough to own 2 horses and also have a 3rd stabled with me. Ben is a 16hh 21 year old warmblood who was bought very cheaply as he came with a reputation for being tricky. After many years I realised by eventing ambitions were never going to be his! Sherry Triffle is my eventing super star. She's a 15.2hh coloured/spotty cob mare with the heart of a lion and is an absolute cross country machine. I bought her as a 4 year old and planned to bring her on to sell but 5 years later she is still with me and going nowhere. I also have a green 7year old warmblood mare called Ruby on loan from a friend with a view to event her in the future. She's super quirky but super talented and I'm very excited about her future.

What is my favourite thing about eventing?

It is the ultimate test in the partnership between a horse and rider. It gives you a sense of achievement to finish regardless of where you come on the leaderboard. The camaraderie of the eventing community is like no other sport. I love how friendly and supportive everybody is to each other. I love that any horse with the right attitude and bravery can make a great event horse. Ofcourse the real reason we all love eventing is because there is nothing more exciting than entering the start box and hearing that count down and setting off to go cross country!

Who inspires me?

Mark Todd - I was 11yo and sat watching the dressage warm up at Badminton as I didn't have tickets for the main arena and he came over to talk to me whilst he was warming up. I followed his progress ever since and he is definitely me eventing hero and inspired me to want to event

What motivates me to event?

I love that as an amateur rider, I can compete (and very occasionally beat) my professional heroes and idols. I've followed Olympic medallists down the centre line which I'm not sure many other sports fanatics can say they have done! I love trying to improve mine and my horses performance and having the opportunity to compete at beautiful venues, around professional courses and with the very best of people!