BE Scorers

Each event is allocated a Scorer by British Eventing to oversee the timetabling of the event, competitor timings and scoring to deliver an final result for the competition. A BE Scorer is a part-time paid position based on a number of allocated days for each event where the scorer is deployed. Mileage and expenses are also reimbursed.

Becoming a BE Scorer takes many years of experience, but BE aim to provide more training opportunities for those who wish to learn more about the role, and for those who wish to continue to improve thier own skills. Keep an eye on available courses to see what training for scorers, or those wishing to become scorers, is on offer. 
For more information about what the role of a scorer involves, please click here.

Relevant courses

21 Sep

Cross Country Course Designers and Coaches Day with Adrian Ditcham

  • Role: Coach, Official

Kelsall Hill EC

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