Training for BE Technical Advisers

A BE Technical Adviser is responsible for the technical safety, preparatory arrangements and successful running of the Event. In practice, he/she will liaise closely with Organisers, BE Stewards, Regional Directors, officials, competitors and owners so as to ensure that the events fully comply with the rules for British Eventing and Guidelines on official BE Events. The role is a part-time paid position with a salary in relation to the number of events allocated.

Becoming a Technical Adviser is a lenghtly process and it takes years of experience to be able to cope with the high demands of the task in hand. Training days and conferences are often put on by BE for existing TAs, with further informative sessions planned for the future. Find available training for Technical Advisers here.
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Relevant courses

21 Sep

Cross Country Course Designers and Coaches Day with Adrian Ditcham

  • Role: Coach, Official

Kelsall Hill EC

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