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British Eventing's Training and Education initiative is also providing a varied and relevant programme of training courses and talks for all BE accredited Officials, Volunteers, Organisers and Course Designers and Builders, as well as those who wish to find out how to become accredited or get more involved in regulating the sport. 

BE Accredited Officials are the backbone of the sport, and although many officials roles are voluntary, the demands are high. A high level of expertise as well as the ability to react quickly and remain calm under pressure is essential. However, contributing to the smooth running of a fair and safe BE event can be incredibly rewarding, and the high number of officials working for BE is testament to this!


Relevant courses

16 Feb

BECF Masterclass - Training for the Top - with Andrew Nicholson

  • Role: Rider, Coach, Official, 12-21

SNEC, Oatridge Agricultural College

Give Back to the Sport in 2015 - Join the BE Volunteers

British Eventing are pleased to launch the sponsored 2015 Volunteer Training videos. The videos have been created to help show the fantastic work that the BE volunteers carry out at our events around the country, and encourage new volunteers to join the ranks and give back to the sport this year.

Jump Forward Programme courtesy of Big Lottery Awards for All