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The updated Regional structure will see Regional Committees implementing training programme policy at a regional level, communicating with all stakeholders on training matters. The policy will principally relate to training riders, under 18s, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers as guided by the aims and objectives of the BE Strategy.

Regional Committees will be made up of:


The Regional Chairman, who will be the current Regional Coordinator, will bring a broad insight and knowledge of their region and will provide an overview at regional level of all of BE’s activities. They are responsible for ensuring the Committee functions effectively, maximising the potential of each area. Find out more about the role of the Regional Coordinator HERE.

Regional Development Officers (RDOs) will work closely not only with the Regional Committee members, but also the overarching T&E Committee and T&E Team at BE Headquarters, coordinating and administrating training courses in the region. Information on the RDOs can be found HERE.

Rider Training Organisers (RTOs) will work together with the RDOs to implement the policy issued by the T&E Committee, with the aim of the role being to assess the demand and ensure the requirements of riders at all levels are being accounted for in the planning of regional training. More information on the RTOs can be found HERE.

U18 Regional Coordinators and U18 Coaches will provide technical input to the RDO and Committee on U18 matters, and will also work closely with the RDO to implement training. Information on the U18 Regional Coordinators can be found HERE.

The Regional Coach Educator provides input to both the Committee and RDO on coaching issues to ensure there is adequate training and development for the Coaches within each region. Coach Educators are also responsible for providing support to UKCC Candidates in their region. More information on the Coach Educators can be found HERE.

With the aim to provide more training to BE Members, provide a stepping stone into the sport for non-members and to develop the training offering for all stakeholders, the new regional structure has also aligned the T&E and Under 18 regional boundaries more closely with the other BE regional boundaries to work towards a more coordinated and collaborative organisation. A Map of the new regional Boundaries can be found HERE (available soon).

The Regional Committee Terms of Reference can be found HERE.

Your Regional Committee members:




Regional Chair: Frances Hay-Smith

RDO: Susanne McIntosh

RTO: Judith Shipton

U18 Coordinator: Lyn Cottingham

U18 Coaches: Jane Graham/Sue Chadwick

Coach Educator: Sue Ringrose


Regional Chair: Philip Surl

RDO: Serena Greenwell


U18 Coordinator: Sam Nicholls

U18 Coaches: Tina Ure/Sharon Hunt

Coach Educator: Nikki Herbert

South East

Regional Chair: Adrian Ditcham

RDO: Wendy Berry


U18 Coordinator: Sheila Barker

U18 Coaches: Mark Corbett/Emily Baldwin

Coach Educator: Debbie Melville

East Midlands

Regional Chair: Philip Surl

RDO: Clare Stockley

RTO: Gill Greeves

U18 Coordinator: Brolly Bealby

U18 Coaches: Lisa Morris/Sam York

Coach Educator: Tim Downes

South West

Acting Regional Chair: Chris Farr

RDO: Gemma Fuller

RTO: Sara Greenwood

U18 Coordinator: Gillian Macfadyen

U18 Coaches: Sorrel Warwick/Emily Lee

Coach Educator: Anne Keen

South Wales & Central

Regional Chair: Bruno Brenninkmeijer

RDO: Sarah Byrne

RTO: Andrea Parsons & Sarah Waite

U18 Coordinator: Kate Scott-Wilding

U18 Coaches: Mandy Lucey/Simon Lawrance/Sarah Spencer-Williams

Coach Educator: Lizzel Winter

North Wales & West Midlands

Regional Chair: Sarah Hamlyn

RDO: Fiona Saxby

RTO: Elspeth Carr

U18 Coordinator: Louise Shepherd

U18 Coaches: Richard Carruthers/Jeanette Brakewell

Coach Educator: TBC


Regional Chair: Frances Hay-Smith

RDO: Suzy Dun


U18 Coordinator: Rose Dudgeon

U18 Coaches: Sue Hendry/Olivia Wilmot/David Gatherer

Coach Educator: Les Smith

Relevant courses

24 Oct

12 to 21- Autumn Camp with Tina Ure

  • Role: 12-21 Rider

Ely Eventing Centre

24 Oct

12 to 21- Autumn Camp without stabling with Tina Ure

  • Role: 12-21 Rider

Ely Eventing Centre

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