Benefits & Who Can Apply

Why the UKCC Level 2?

This is a unique opportunity for coaches who are not yet at the required level for the UKCC Level 3 qualification but who are interested in developing their coaching career along the UKCC path which brings many benefits.  The UKCC Level 2 is also one of the requirements for becoming a BE Development Coach, the entry level for the BE Accredited Coaches’ system.

In addition you can be assured that your UKCC-endorsed qualification is nationally recognised on the government’s skills agenda. This will give you, the Coach, a clear vocational pathway which increases your opportunities for personal and career development.

The 2017 course is subsidised by British Equestrian Federation's Excel Talent Programme, funded by Sport England, and offers an excellent chance to obtain a nationally recognised qualification at an affordable price.

Is it suitable for me?

There are no specific prerequisite coaching qualifications for taking UKCC Level 2, although you will need to have coached grassroots riders (up to BE Novice level) and have some knowledge of the sport of Eventing,  preferably through having competed with BE yourself. 

As a guideline, during the assessment candidates will be required to coach Riders at 1* level.  For more details about what is involved, click here.  If you have previously coached Riders at 1* & 2* level, the UKCC Level 3 Eventing specific qualification maybe a more relevant option for you.

Candidates must be aged 18 or over.

If you are interested in taking part in the UKCC Level 2 but are not sure if it is suitable for you, why not speak to the BE Office?

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