Controllers & Commentators

Although the roles of controller and commentator are voluntary, they are very involved roles and require a calm head, organisation, adaptability and the ability to ad-lib! To become an accomplished Controller and Commentator at a BE event involves much experience, but for those who wish to learn more about the role or take the first steps towards becoming a controller/commentator, BE often run 'Controller Induction Days' and have a clear process, via a Log Book, into becoming a BE recommended list of Controllers which is published every year. 

Once you have attended a training course (and even if you have not been able to), you next step is to contact your local 'Controller Mentor'. Read more about Controller Mentors.

Relevant courses

19 May

Cross Country Course Designers and Coaches Day with Adrian Ditcham

  • Role: Coach, Official

Somerford Park Farm

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