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  • What is a message forum?

    A message forum is a place for a group of like-minded people to gather (in this case online) and discuss topics of interest. The BE forum is to discuss the sport of eventing.

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  • What is the difference between a topic, a board and a forum?

    The forum is the overall place, the building if you like. The boards come under the forum (like rooms), and each board has a specific area of interest. Topics are then posted on the specific board that your interest lies with.

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  • Where do I find and access the forum?

    The forum is available on the menu bar on the left hand side of this screen, towards the bottom of the list.

    If you press the "forum" link, it will take you to the forum section, where you will be able to see the different boards within the forum.

    In order to post you will have to login to the BE website. If you don't yet have an online account with us, or have forgotten your details, please click here to send us an email with as many details as you can.

    We'll get back to you shortly after receiving your email, with as much information as we can, in order to get you up and running on the website and forums. Back to top
  • How do I change my name, and set other personal preferences, and what do they mean?

    As a forum user, you will have a few options open to you, which you may edit at your will. To see your current settings, you need to go to Membership, My Details, and "Update Details".

    Update details

    Once you press "update details", scroll down on the window that appears and you'll see a section similar to the one below:

    Forum Options

    You can set the preferences so that when you post a message to the forum, you're sent an email with the post link in, so that you can just click that link to get back to your post (you'll still need to log in). Or you can set it so that you get no emails. Choosing this option will also mean that you get an email if somebody replies to your post.

    If you choose to display your email address, it will mean that other users will be able to see the email address listed on your account, and will be able to email you.

    Lastly, you can choose the name you wish to be known by on the forum. The name you choose will need to be a unique name, so that we're not confused by two people with the same name! If you don't choose yourself a name, it will automatically be set to your name as it reads in the "Fullname" section in the My Details section of Membership.

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  • How do I read messages?

    To post a message to the forum, first make sure you're logged in on your account.

    Once you're logged in, press the "BE Forum" button on the home page, which takes you to the list of boards.

    BE Forum Boards

    Once you're at the board list, decide which board is most appropriate for your post, and click that name, ie "General Discussion". That will take you to the general discussion board. You'll see in there a list of topics. You can pick a new topic to read by pressing the title of the post. This will show you all of the posts that anyone has written about that topic.

    BE Forum Topics

    Press the name of the topic you're interested in.

    BE Forum Topic

    You'll see, in the posts, that on the left hand side is the name of the poster, and if the poster is BE staff it will tell you. It will also say 'moderator' if the person is the moderator of the board. On the bottom right of the first post is a 'contact moderator' link. If you need to contact a moderator for any reason, you can press this line, and your email program will open and let you send an email to the moderator.

    Once you've finished reading that topic, press the "topics" button to see a list of the topics in that board, or the "forums" button to go back to the main forum page.

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  • How do I reply to messages?

    If you'd like to reply to that post, you can then do so by click either "reply" or "reply with quote".

    Reply Buttons

    "Reply with quote" copies the message you want to quote, and then you can type directly below this. This is relevant if someone has posted something particularly interesting or complicated, that you would like to draw attention to again. You can edit any of the text within the "reply with quote" to only leave the bits that are relevant.

    Reply with Quote

    If you're not worried about copying bits of the post in to your post, just hit reply.

    Reply without quote

     In both cases, you then type your message into the white screen and press "post". This posts your message to the board so others can read it.

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  • When should I create a new topic?

    You should create a new topic when what you want to say doesn't fit with anything that's already posted. You should also make a new topic if the topic that is relevant no longer shows on the front page. Posts stay in the same place whether you reply to them or not, so if you reply to an old post, other people may not be aware that it's being posted to.

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  • I've received an email about the forum. What does it mean?

    You will get an email from us when you make a post on the British Eventing forum.

    Forum Email

    The emails tell you which board the post was made in (in the above case, in Expanding our Sport). They also give you details about your particular message, what was said, and what was replied. At the bottom of the post is a dark blue line of text that you can press, and it will take you to your post. If you're not logged in on the website, when you press the link, it will take you to the log in page, where you'll need to enter your details.

    You cannot reply to your message by pressing reply to the email. If you do, your message will probably just disappear into the ether! You must go back to the forum to reply to your posts.

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  • What is "moderation" and how will I know when I've been moderated?

    Moderation is when one of your posts is edited or deleted in some way. A post might be edited or deleted because it contains libellous references to someone or otherwise breaks the rules.

    The forum as a whole is run and moderated by the IT department.

    It is not intended that the forum on this website be heavily moderated, but when posts do need moderating (for example, if insulting personal or defamatory comments have been made), where possible the post will be edited to simply remove that part. If a post is moderated, you will see a line at the bottom to the effect of "Edited - moderator".

    If a post needs to be deleted in its entirety, then it will disappear from the list of posts, and the original poster will receive an email to tell them that this has happened.

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  • What are the forum terms and conditions, and rules?

    The terms and conditions for participating in the BE forum can be found by 'clicking here' As well as the terms and conditions, by participating in the forum, you agree to adhere to the rules laid out by BE.

    These include:

    • No Flaming
      • Flaming is "the hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users." It is often personal and insulting comments that have no relevance to the topic at hand. Flaming will not be tolerated on the forum.
    • No personal attacks.
      • If you disagree with someone's point, that's fine. Make sure that in your response, you disagree with the point, rather than attacking the person for holding a view that differs from yours.

      Other rules may be added if and when necessary.

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