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  • 180206 - February 6


    The Board met on February 8 at BE HQ and all Directors were present

    • Invited to the meeting for relevant Agenda Items were Tim Holderness Roddam, Andrew Kirkby, Nish Punj and the 2 Make Positive Project leaders.
    • The Selection Policies for the 3 Youth Teams were approved by email prior to this Board meeting.  The U18 Regional Team selection policy, which follows the same principles as the International Team Policies, were approved.
    • Nigel Taylor updated the Board on preparations for WEG and David Holmes gave an update on a recent BEF World Class Steering Group meeting where responsibilities on team selection between the Olympic Disciplines and World Class were agreed.
    • The Directors reviewed the draft Final Accounts for 2017 pending the Audit later this month.
    • The Board thanked Chris Farr (who finished middle of February) for his tremendous contribution to the Sport over the last 13 years and wish him well in his new ventures.  His departure provides BE an opportunity to review the role and explore ways in which the various areas can be fulfilled without a direct replacement. This is still ongoing at present.
    • Directors discussed the ITTP project with the 2 Make Positive Project Leaders and BE’s Project Team.  An update has been posted on the ITTP Update page here
    • Jane Peters gave an update on the latest T&E committee meeting .  The T&E strategy is being updated and will be presented to the Board at their next meeting in April.
    • The Marcomms team held an Event Organisers Commercial Forum recently to introduce the Commercial Guide for Organisers to support events (both lower level as well as international) in their sponsorship searches.  This Forum received some very positive feedback and the team will support events where they can in their search for sponsors.
    • Les Smith updated from the recent Sport Committee meeting including the ‘One Fall and Out’ rule.  We published a news release about this rule amendment here 
    • We have advertised for two Board Directors to be appointed to the Board, applications closed Feb 27. 

    Next meeting will be April 10 at BE HQ


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  • 180410 - April 10


    Board met on April 10 2018 at the RAU, Cirencester

    • The chairman opened the meeting expressing the Board’s sadness of the passing of two previous Chairmen of the Board, Sir William Aldous and Mike Tucker.
    • Apologies received from Fiona O’Hara
    • The chairman welcomed new directors Jude Matthews and Gary Parsonage who were appointed by the Board in March. Jude will co chair the Commercial and Marketing Committee with Guy Prest whilst Gary will co-chair the International Committee with Nigel Taylor. Gary will focus on Ponies, Juniors and CIC** whilst Nigel will focus on Young Riders and Seniors (where he is a Selector).
    • Karen Bartlett of Saffery Champness, BE’s appointed auditors, presented the 2017 Audited accounts and a clean Audit report to the Board for their approval.  The accounts were approved by the Board for sign off. 
    • The Board reviewed the Terms of Reference for the Finance, T&E and International committees and following final review by the Directors these were approved.  Once minor updates have been made these will be available on the BE website. Other Committee ToR will be reviewed once the committees have done these and forwarded to the Board for their approval.
    • The Directors reviewed the Management accounts and WM and DH answered questions. 
    • The Equirating project is continuing as the Board is committed to this important project as a part of it’s commitment to Risk Management.  Future funding of the project needs to be agreed but could include a commercial partner.
    • Nigel Taylor left the room whilst Directors and Senior Executive discussed the situation around the cancellation of Aston le Walls (X).  PH and DH will manage the outcomes of the discussions.  Nigel Taylor returned to the meeting.
    • The Board discussed the effect of the recent unprecedented weather on the Fixtures Calendar and the processes that are in place to manage this – with particular focus on communications to members.
    • Committee minutes from the Finance Committee, Commercial Committee and International Committee were reviewed and relevant chairmen answered questions. 
    • The World Class Eventing Manager visited the WEG Site at Tryon, North Carolina, USA for a recce and his report had been circulated to Directors.  The visit provided some valuable information regarding the cross country element which will be influential.
    • DH and PH updated on the IT project.  An ITTP update will be published here soon. 
    • The new BEF Chief Executive, Chairman of the BEF Board and Chairman of the BEF Council have been appointed.  Full details can be found on the BEF website 
    • The BE strategy review will be arranged for the end of this year.  Jane Peters, Chairman of the T&E committee, presented the T&E strategy which the Board approved.


    Next meeting will be June 12 at BE HQ.


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  • 180612 - June 12

    The Directors met on June 12, 2018 at BE HQ.  Gary Parsonage sent his apologies.

    The following persons were invited to the meeting for relevant Agenda Items: Melanie Siggs, BE Fixtures Executive, Sarah Hamlyn & Bruno Brennikmeijer, Regional Coordinators – part of the Fixtures Team, David Hamer from World Class and Sean Maxwell BE’s Training & Education Manager.


    • GDPR legislation requirements have been put in place and policies have been actioned.
    • The Terms of Reference for the Sport Committee, Risk Management Committee and Commercial and Marketing Committee were approved and have been uploaded to the Committees page of the BE Website. Thus all Terms of Reference for the British Eventing Committees have now been reviewed for 2018.
    • David Holmes on behalf of BE has signed the BEF Code of Conduct. This is a part of the requirements put in place by UK Sport following last year’s review and is an element of the work around good governance linked to the new UK Sport Code of Governance.
    • The Directors reviewed the 1st Quarter management accounts. Weather has had a negative impact to the start of the year but the picture is improving as the weather improves.
    • Following the wet spring and its effects on our competitions, the Abandonment process was reviewed by Directors as part of a working group. The process was found to be principally correct. An update has been posted on the BE website here
    • Minutes from the Sport Committee, Risk Management Committee, T&E Committee and Commercial and Marketing Committee were reviewed, led by the relevant Board Directors who either lead on or are a part of these Committees.
    • The IT Transformation Project current status was reviewed and discussed. This project remains the Board’s highest priority in order to achieve the best outcome for the members and deliver long term benefit to the sport as a whole. The latest update can be found here with another update due later in July.
    • The office ‘Sport Team’ restructure has been approved by the Board. An Internal promotion has been made in the restructure.
    • Director Elections for 2018 notices have gone out. Find out more about these here
    • The Directors were given a presentation on a draft proposal on managing the strategic direction of the BE Calendar. This process is being led by the Fixtures Team working closely with the new Fixtures Executive Melanie Siggs.
    • David Hamer from the BEF World Class department gave an update on the World Class Talent pathway projects
    • Jane Peters and Sean Maxwell gave the Directors an update on the BE Training and Education Strategy for the next 5 years.
    • The Directors aim to have a Strategy ‘Away Day’ towards the end of the year to review the current BE Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020.

    The next Board meeting will be on August 14 at BE HQ

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  • 180814 - August 14

    Directors met on 14 August 2018 at BE HQ and all were present.


    • The Directors sent their congratulations to the Pony Team riders and staff who were so very successful at the European Championships at Bishop Burton. Both a team gold and individual medals for Saffron Osborn winning gold and becoming European Champion and Daisy Proctor winning a bronze medal. Full results can be found here.
    • Directors reviewed the management accounts. End of year forecast is for reserves to be £1.9m with £1.8m cash and investments balance. Budget assumptions for 2019 were also discussed so the Senior Executive can start preparing the 2019 budget in preparation for the October Board meeting.
    • The FEI Eventing Committee election for its Athletes Representative is underway as Daisy Berkeley’s term is ending. William Fox-Pitt has nominated himself to stand for election to this important role.
    • A strategic approach on Equine Development and an equine talent pathway utilising the Equine Bridge (British Breeding ltd) will form part of the Board’s Strategy Day later in the year.
    • The Board reviewed and approved the 2019 Entry Fee recommendation from the Sport Committee. The recommendation was made based on a number of economic indices to fairly reflect the current economic environment that both organisers and members face. Core to the discussion was the costs to organisers in running events which have risen significantly in the last few years and the need to balance this against affordability and accessibility of the sport for our members. A press release will follow shortly.
    • The Board has requested a review of all Ground Care machinery including assessing potential new equipment and practices as well as best management of the machinery.
    • The BEF CEO gave an update on his ‘first 100 days’ in office.
    • An ITTP update can be found here which will be updated at the end of August.
    • The Board approved for David Holmes to be the Chef de Mission at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon for the duration of the Games.

    Next meeting will be October 16 at BE HQ.

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  • 181016 - October 16

    The Board met on October 16 and all directors were present. Invited to the meeting for relevant Agenda items were Tim Holderness-Roddam (Chair of the Finance Committee), Andrew Kirkby CIO and Nisha Punj, ITTP PM.

    • The Board congratulate Ros Canter on her individual World Championship title and the British team of Ros Canter, Tom McEwen, Gemma Tattersall and Piggy French on their Team World Championship title. Special thanks go to Tina Cook as the reserve rider. The Board also congratulates all the owners, trainers, grooms and other personnel on this great achievement under the guidance of World Class Performance Manager Dickie Waygood and World Class Performance Coach Chris Bartle.
    • The 2019 Budget was reviewed by the Board. Tim Holderness Roddam (Chairman of the Finance Committee) recommended the budget to the Board after thorough review by the Finance Committee. The IT project will have been delivered by Q2 2019, hence there will be some project spend, but then we move to a business as usual and support for the users, especially in relation to the adoption of entry administration and scoring application. After detailed discussion on the Budget the Board agreed the 2019 budget.
    • The Board reviewed the Management Accounts to date. Efficiencies have been made across the business in its day to day running to offset lower than budgeted income.
    • David Holmes gave his CEO’s monthly report to the Board. Highlighted in these web notes are non-confidential items such as the Strategic Fixtures 2020 process which has started, the launch of the BE80 Championships at Burghley Horse Trials and an update on his day to day BAU.
    • AK and NP joined the meeting to update the Board on the IT project. Better progress is being made with Makepositive. A detailed update can be found here
    • Directors who chair committees gave updates from the committee meetings. Les Smith updated from the Sport Committee and Risk Management. Jane Peters updated on the Training & Education Committee, Nigel Taylor and Gary Parsonage updated on International. Jude Matthews updated on Commercial and Marketing.
    • The Board approved the policy document on Special Format/Endorsed Events.
    • The Board met ‘in camera’ to discuss the petition received calling for an EGM.
    • The Board is preparing for a Strategy Day on 5 December to review its strategy document.
    • Next Board meeting is November 6th.
    • The BE AGM will be held on November 4. Due to expected turnout the venue has been changed to Stareton Hall, NAEC, Stoneleigh, CV8 2LZ


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  • 181204 - December 4

      The Directors met on Dec 4, Nigel Taylor sent his apologies.

    • Chris Tattersall was welcomed onto the Board after his election at the November AGM.
    • The Directors approved the selection policies for the 2019 European Championships for the YR, Junior, Pony and CCI3*S teams. The Senior and Nation Cup Selection policies are being finalised by the BEF.
    • The 2018 Budget forecast to the end of the year has improved by almost £48K on the previous forecast.
    • Committee meeting minutes from the Sport Committee, Risk Management Committee and International Committee were reviewed, discussed and noted by the Directors.
    • Tim Holderness-Roddam joined the meeting to update Directors on the Finance Committee meeting the previous week as well as give an update on his review on Ground Care Machinery. The Ground Care Machinery Budget remains in budget whilst the review continues into 2019.
    • The Finance Committee reviewed the revised 2019 Budget and recommend this budget to the Directors for acceptance. The Directors approved the revised 2019 Budget.
    • The Directors were updated on the current status on the ITTP project. A November update can be found here.
    • Plans are being put in place for maternity cover of the Sport Manager Role
    • The BEF have initiated a Working Group to ensure the BEF and all its member bodies are compliant to UK Sports Equality and Diversity Charter which is part of the Certificate of Good Governance which British Eventing is signed up to. David Holmes will be working with the Working Group on behalf of BE to ensure our compliance.
    • Next Board meeting is February 5 2019 at BE HQ.
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