Making Entries, Rules & Event Information for First Time Eventers
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Extra Information for Events and Entries


Information on Events and Entries - The Gatcombe Horse Trials

The BE Members' Handbook contains all the information you will need, but some of the main points are detailed below.



Each Event is run by an Event Organiser; all the dates and Event information you need is listed in the schedules which are on the website (Fixtures and Results) and in the BE Magazine.  Most entries are now done online but are also still accepted by paper entry via the entry secretary.

Event Schedules

All Events have their own schedule which can be found on the Fixtures and Results page (as above).  Read this carefully as it will give you all the dates and contacts for each event.  Please read the section on refunds and withdrawals before you make your entry.  

Making an Entry 

See the How To page on the left hand menu for full details of completing an entry. 

When you have selected the Event you would like to enter, firstly check the schedule for the opening date and ballot date so that you know when to do your entry.  Entries should be made before ballot date to ensure the best possible chance of getting a run.  If there are insufficient entries at ballot date then the event will keep accepting entries until it has enough to make up the section.  You can send in a paper entry if you prefer (download a paper entry form here) or follow the online process. 

There are two online systems to enter BE Affiliated events by; this website ( and also

If you complete a BE entry website event the details will be shown in the My Entries section on the Fixtures and Results page. You will need to be logged in to view these.  All your BE entry events will be shown here but NOT any BDWP entry events.  If you want to check your entry to one of these events you need to go on to BDWP, find the event and then click on Received Entries on the left hand side or do a search in the search box.

Day/Training/Club Pass Entries

When you are completing your entry, you need to tick that you are entering on a Pass and record your pass number(s) in the Notes box. 


If there are too many entries, the entry secretary will stop taking entries on ballot day and the excess number will be balloted out (returned).  Pass entries will be taken out first, followed by entries by members and then those entries with a ballot number. 

Ballot numbers

Ballot numbers are given to all horses on a full/part season ticket. If you allocate a ballot  number to an entry, it will give you priority in a ballot, but it is still not a guaranteed entry. Ballot numbers are valid for one month and can only be used for one event in that month.

There are two super ballot numbers issued to a full season ticket horse, and one super ballot number issued to a half season ticket horse. 

These numbers will virtually guarantee an entry and can be used at any time of the year. Ballot numbers will be emailed when the season ticket is purchased or can be viewed online by logging in to Membership and My Details, scrolling down to the horse's name, clicking on the name and viewing the numbers at the bottom of that page.

Full details on balloting and balloting criteria are in the rule book

At the Event 

When you get to your event for the first time, take your hat with you to the Secretary's tent when you go to pick up your number.  Your hat will be checked and a visible hat tag is fixed to the strap (see the BE Members' Handbook). The current hat tag colour for 2018 is teal.  At the same time you will be asked to pay the Start Fee.  This is allocated to expenses for the day (e.g. vet cover) at the event and you only pay for this if you compete.


If you are unable to compete and need to withdraw from the event, you must read the schedule to find out who to contact.  It will also give you the refund policy for the event which will tell you whether you will be able to get your entry money back. 


If you have any further questions please ring the Membership Team on 02476 698856 or email us on