Baileys Winter Showjump Training Series for Riders and Horses
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Jump Training sponsored by Baileys


Jump Training 2014

Prepare for the season with BE

Baileys sponsored Jump Training is open to both Members and non-members and is a great opportunity to compete and train before the season gets into full swing.

The BE JT series runs from January through to the Championship at the end of February.

Riders gain invaluable feedback from BE Accredited Coaches on their show jumping skills in a three phase training competition:


  • Phase 1 Involves a course walk in small groups with a BE Accredited Coach
  • Phase 2 Riders receive a guided warming up session prior to the competition, again with a BE Accredited Coach.
  • Phase 3 The competition phase; whereby riders jump one round, get feedback from the Coach and jump again


Both of the rounds of show jumping are given marks for style, effectiveness of riding and the quality of the horse's jump and its paces. Any show jumping faults over the two rounds are then included to produce a final score.



BE80 - Max fence height 80cm

BE90 - Max fence height 90cm

BE100 - Max fence height 100cm


The Championship

The top 25% placed in each class will qualify for the prestigious championships being held at Hartpury, Gloucestershire on Sunday 18th February. 


2018 Dates 

Date 2017 Venue Coaches Entries 

 January 6th

 Berkshire College

Jonathan Chapman and Eloise Mayhead 

Open: 4th Dec

Closes: 2nd Jan

January 7th  Onley Grounds

James McCullough and Mills Lanni 

Open:4th Dec

Close: 3rd Jan

 January 13th  Hartpury College Anne Marie Taylor Linda de Matteo

Open: 4th Dec

Close: 8th Jan

 January 14th  Bishop Burton 

Gary Parsonage and Gemma Wood 

Open: 4th Dec

Close: 9th

 January 21st  Richmond

Sue Chadwick and Tracey Garside 

Open: 11th Dec

Close: 16th Jan

 January 27th   Ian Stark EC

Charlotte Ridley and Liv Wilmot 

Open: 23rd Dec

Close: 17th Jan

 January 28th  Rodbaston  Sylvia Farmer and Jeanette Brakewell 

Open: 18th Dec

Close: 22nd Jan

 February 10th  Wellington Justin Clubley and Ben Leathers

Open: 18th Jan

Close: 5th Feb

 February 18th  Hartpury Championships 

Nick Gauntlett and Annabel Scrimgeour 

Open: 8th Jan

Close: 13th Feb

 Sponsored by Baileys Horse Feeds

"It was my daughter's first event with BE and the organisers and judges were exceptional in their help and guidance. It ran like clockwork and it was a fantastic introduction into the world of BE" - Poppy and Cameo


"I really enjoyed our training day yesterday, Everyone was so helpful and friendly any it was really well organised. The coaches where great too, and where really good at making you feel at ease about everything, and not to panic if things didn't go according to plan. I will be recommending these days to my friends!" - Jessica and India


"I just had to e mail to say a big thank you to the organisers and judges/coaches! This was our first experience of BE and we were most impressed with the efficient organisation at the event, it ran on time and all the officials were very helpful and friendly. In fact the atmosphere was a very positive and supportive one which did much to bring out the best in riders, it certainly did in my daughter!" - The Styles Family