Information on British Eventing Organisers and their responsibilities
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About British Event Organisers


British Eventing Organisers of dressage, showjumping & cross country at Greenwich

The Sport of Eventing owes a huge amount to the astonishing family of Organisers and their teams of helpers nationwide - the majority of whom are voluntary and run around 190 BE Affiliated Events. Their enthusiasm, energy and dedication to the task is quite remarkable. Where would we be without them?

About Event Organisers

Many have been involved in running BE Affiliated Events for years and have had to adjust to changes in rules, regulations and the health and safety aspects of our present age plus the considerable growth in the number of runners for which they cater.

Many Organisers probably wonder what return they get back for their hard work – putting something back into a sport which has given so much pleasure, watching the joy their competition gives to riders and owners, the challenge of running the event, raising money for local hunts, Pony Club and charities or simply to boost their business income – whatever it is that Organisers glean from running Events, long may they continue.

The sport, and so too the events, have made giant strides in catering for a vast range of rider abilities and interest with an enormous choice of categories from BE80(T), BE90, BE100 and Novice right up to Intermediate, Advanced and the Badminton levels of ability.   Rules have to be maintained and course design monitored, with safety the highest priority and of course running and event to the highest standards dictated by British Eventing.  Many competitors are blissfully unaware of the long, arduous and numerous tasks involved in setting up what equates to a small village in a field or major Army manoeuvre.

Organisers' Responsibilities


Dressage (with Chief Dressage Steward) 

  • Location   
  • Arena Layout   
  • Judges/writers/stewards   
  • Arenas & Equipment   
  • Refreshments    
  • Expenses    
  • Thank yous    

Show Jumping (with Chief SJ Steward)

  • Location
  • Arena Layout
  • Judges/writers/stewards/timekeeper
  • Ring stewards/Commentator
  • Show Jump Hire/Equipment
  • Refreshments
  • Expenses
  • Thank yous

Cross Country (with Chief XC Steward) 

  • Course Designer/Builder/Helpers/Repair 
  • Fence Judges/Stopping Stewards  
  • Score Collection   
  • Equipment & Numbers   
  • Start Team and Timekeeper  
  • Collecting Ring Team   
  • Control Team – location & personnel 
  • Refreshments    
  • Expenses    
  • Thank yous    

General responsibilities of the Organisers

  • Layout – Marquees, Loos, Litter
  • Scoreboards/Prize givings
  • Medical & Veterinary Cover
  • Rosettes, Prizes, Badges, Car Passes
  • Sponsors
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Secretarial on site – numbers,WDs, etc
  • Access & Traffic
  • Car Parking/Tractors
  • Catering
  • Blacksmith  
  • Tradestands
  • Programmes
  • Police Liaison
  • Health & Safety / Crisis Management
  • Timetable, Entries & Balloting
  • PA system & communication
  • Omnibus Entry
  • Budgeting & Accounts

Again, this is where the delegation comes in – with three separate disciplines, an army of Volunteers, infrastructure, marketing campaign, the accounts of a small business and a village to set up in the middle of a field to organise, one person cannot feasibly do everything!

Most events start about six to eight months ahead of their event with initial preparations – organising helpers and officials, cross country course work (weather permitting), sponsorship seeking and renewal, etc. 

Then the countdown starts in months, weeks, days, hours until the big event.  When we've all enjoyed the event, there's still lots of work to be done in taking everything down, repairing ground, thank you letters, accounts – usually a month's worth takes place before an Organiser can shut down until it all starts for the next time!

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