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Volunteer with British Eventing


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Whether you have existing skills which you can share with us, or would like to experience new ones whilst enjoying some of Britain's most beautiful country side and meeting new people, British Eventing welcomes people of all ages, abilities and from all walks of life to volunteer. If you can give a day, either weekend or weekday, British Eventing would love to hear from you.




Volunteer Roles

There are many different volunteer & event official roles for you to enjoy such as:

  • Fence judging
  • Score collecting and scoring team
  • Start and Finish
  • Control and Commentating
  • Dressage stewarding or writing
  • Show jump collection area stewarding
  • Main arena party
  • Event/Entries Secretary
  • Tea/Lunch run
  • and many others such as sponsorship, hospitality and more!


BE Officials

BE officials are specialists, who are trained by and deployed to BE Affiliated events to ensure the event runs according to our rules.  Read more about the role of the BE Official.


Join British Eventing Volunteers (BEV)

Be a part of our great sport by joining BEV, the Volunteer Database, BE membership is not required, there are no obligations and it is free!   Whether you do one day a year or go out every weekend, please let us know by joining BEV.   This way you are an officially recognised BE Volunteer and we can keep you informed on all sorts of things which we think may interest you, and not just about volunteering!   The Database is primarily used by BE Organisers but we may also contact you from time to time.   The data protection statement at the bottom of this page explains what being with BEV involves.  

To join, just go through the free registration process and tick the 'I wish to Volunteer' tick box. That's it! 

Join Now Button



Already Registered and/or a BE Member?  If you are already a BE member or have already registered with this website but not yet joined the Volunteer DB, all you need to do is log in and go to Update Details and tick the box 'I wish to Volunteer'.


How to get started

To find out more about how to get started please read the frequently asked questions about volunteering here. If you then still have any questions please contact the BE Office on 024 7669 8856 or email volunteer@britisheventing.com   We'll be happy to put you in touch with the events. 

More information on volunteer training can be found on the Training page and each year we recognise our volunteers with the British Eventing Volunteer of the Year Awards.

To find volunteering opportunities near you please visit the Fixtures List map search, click on the events close to you and contact the Event Organiser about potential opportunities. Alternatively, the BE Volunteer facebook page has a number upcoming opportunities listed.



Go to the BEV Online pages.  You will need a username and password for the BE Website

Facebook Page for British Eventing Volunteers

Follow BE volunteers on their own Facebook page 


Young Equestrian Leaders Award for Volunteers between the ages of 13 and 25

Also, there is YELA, a Young Equestrian Leaders Scheme, funded by Sport England and Administered by the RDA for all those between the ages of 13 and 25 who help in Equestrian sport.   




DATA PROTECTION: The BE Volunteer Database (BEV) is for use by BE Event Organisers, who may only use it to find helpers for their BE Affiliated event. The Database with your name, address, telephone numbers and email address may be circulated either by email (password secured) to the organiser who requested it and/or by posting the DB on the Secure BE webpage accessible to BE Organisers only. British Eventing may use the database for its own purposes to update Members and Associates with latest news, offers and promotions, sport updates, training courses, lifestyle content, BE competition and training series' and targeted social media updates, BE may also share this database with carefully selected third parties and you will find a list of British Eventing's partners and sponsors on the website.

You can unsubscribe from the Volunteer Database, the BE communications or just decline the third party option at any time by emailing volunteer@britisheventing.com with your particular request in the subject header and your name and registration number in the email.



Volunteer Charter

Our responsibilities to you

As a volunteer you can expect:

  • A clear volunteer support framework
  • To be given tasks that you are capable of and that are of benefit to the Sport
  • A clearly defined outline of the task we would like you to undertake
  • To have a member of the organising team nominated as a key contact for the task involved
  • That we strive to ensure equality of opportunity within the affiliated Events and British Eventing
  • Safe working conditions

We will also try to ensure that you

  • Are kept informed of changes and developments affecting you
  • Have the opportunity to be involved with decision making that affects you, where appropriate
  • Are able to say no to inappropriate requests outside the task outline
  • Have access to a complaints procedure via an independent member of the organising team.
  • Feel your contribution is valued by the organising team, who are fully aware of the nature and purpose of volunteering
  • Are able to see how your contribution fits into the broader objectives of the Sport

Responsibilities of volunteers
We would ask that as a volunteer you:

  • Work with us to achieve our aims and objectives
  • Be reliable
  • Give commitment
  • Air any problems/issues immediately to the appropriate person
  • Respect confidentiality, equal opportunities and health and safety policies
  • Attend relevant training
  • Uphold the name of British Eventing and its Affiliated events at all times
  • Provide notice of your intention to stop volunteering for us, where possible
  • Enjoy yourself!